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How do you feel today?
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  • @whispered Then you sit around in a malaise thinking, "but I've done nothing wrong, how could you leave me? I Love You! You know abandonment is my greatest fear!" ...and she's all like, "fuck you, I'm young..I'm hot, I'm gonna party my ass off and show everyone on Facebook, so suck it." Then you realize suffering is just a part of life and you keep on living. Surround yourself with the things you love and do your best to heal. I hope this treatment works for you sweet, you have our love and prayers. Xo
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    Look for the golden star in the sky, your eye is my eye.
  • Aw @Ponygurl - I knew you'd understand, lovely.

    I'm eating raspberries and cream and singing right now :)  x
  • I'm praying for the world, like usual. I usually pray for the world and not myself, probably because my most important prayers are beyond myself. Something must be fixed in the heart of humanity, as anyone who has suffered will tell you. Anywho, Tina Turner's Peace Mantra sounds pretty good-

    Look for the golden star in the sky, your eye is my eye.

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