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  • You will have to go to the dentist. There is nothing worse than when you have a tooth crisis. As for myself i am feeling content. No trouble, Got rid of my illness. Oh one moan, It is freezing.
  • Feel shattered after a full day at work then straight up to my sisters for a couple of hours to see she's ok now back at home. Get home before 10pm and feel I've been up and on the go all day (:|
  • I feel nice and chilled. Chilled in more ways than one, It is freezing.
  • Home sick...

    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • One day to go and then a whole week off work  :D
  • feeling o.k for once just a week to go for PS4 :) today held a xbox one controller hmmm if you ask me they feel cheap, but at £44.99 they are not but they are £10 cheaper than PS4 controllers.
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • Feel quite good. Not A1/100% happy though. More trouble with other family members. Not ones who live with me. Thankfully.
  • ^
    Chin up. Life deals us problems but good things outweigh it too.

    Me, little more relieved my sisters feeling a bit better. Actually had her staples removed today one week after her operation. Now got 6 to 8 weeks recovery but shes doing well (apart from her emotions).
    At least now I can feel a bit more relaxed about going to Birmingham tomorrow to the Christmas Fayre at the NEC (and a whole week off work)
  • Enjoy your week off. I recently had a week off. Trouble is i was really ill.
  • feeling o.k's..... :)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

  • (and a whole week off work) :D

    Have fun Hells !
    I just had a week off and I went to Berlin. Fortunately I was not ill like CW.
    Great city, Berlin BTW.

    (O, hi Jozz. Your message appeared when I was typing mine) ;)
  • Feeling a bit tired after a good day doing a girlie Xmas shop with mates. Sore hands carrying all my bags, aching feet and deaf in one ear from my mates constant yapping all day. Still a good day though  :D
  • It's my Mums birthday today bless her <:-P
  • Happy birthday to your Mum, H-B. Does she support Arsenal too ?.
  • Happy Birthday H_B's mum <:-P

    bit of a headache but other than that i'm o.k.

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    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

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