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Later with Jools Holland - BBC2(HD) - 1 Oct 2013
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  • ^ if not done before i think i can do it this evening after work
  • ^^ The BBC upload of Annabel/Jools is still there (link)... in full 1080p.

    Or.. did you mean it's region-restricted? If so, I would have thought it had always been?

    Also, Carpy did an upload (not YT) a few pages back.. not sure if it's still there though.

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  • Yep, HJ - my links are still there for anybody that needs them.
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  • I thought the poor little creature looked nervy as hell!

    She doesn't do herself any favours by hiding in the shadows and ignoring her audience like that either... the other acts may be crap but at least they had some kind of stage presence, and they look like they were enjoying it all, by contrast Alison seemed to want to crawl away and hide, which in essence she did, not waving goodbye at the end, no real eye contact blah blah blah.... if anything she had a very 'negative' stage presence, she might be shy, and some people may find this charming, but that's not the way it comes across...

    sure it's clear that she's got nothing in common with the other acts there, but that should have been a bonus, and she could have used that positively , instead she just seemed to vanish inbetween some jazzer and some raucous black punky guitar combo.

    This'll get me killed but that's the way I feel about it....

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