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Later with Jools Holland - BBC2(HD) - 1 Oct 2013
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  • No vids to be found online.  :(

    UK Deers - hope one of you was able to capture for those of usacross the pond (and beyond).  Cheers!
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  • I am so glad to hear the news, told you it was Clay! Can't wait to watch them!
  • Oh god. I missed Clay last night?! CLAY. I shall be checking in at regular intervals in hope of video evidence that this did actually occur........
  • I've got a not overly hi-res version ripped from iPlayer and will edit/convert/up later.

    If anybody has the HD, of course........... {looks around}
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  • watched it in bed this morning via iPlayer. loved it. didn't see annabel, kind of glad they performed stranger and clay.

    the more and more i listen to it, stranger really reminds me of a bond theme... i love it.
  • The rest of Europe can only play the radio, the tv player is obscured, i'll wait for Youtube
  • Oh I shall watch this on sunday. Glad I didnt misa the Nadine Shah gig tho. She was quite epic. In an empty venue way Northampton does so well.

  • I hope it is choice(s).  Someone on the board mentioned Clay - hence my disappointment at getting Annabel. However, it seems that if there are only 2 then Drew will be played as the single release.

    In a parallel universe someone is getting Jo, Stranger and Clay.  I just need to build a dimension splitting device to get me there.  :)

    Sooo pleased, 2 out of 3 of my favourites is more than I could ever of wished for.  Thank you Alison, Will and "Later", you've made me very happy!  I no longer need a dimension splitting device.  :D
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  • They did well on the voting link that was posted here. I do believe a couple of Frappers had posted comments too!
  • ^ My votes in.
    Carpy -By the way, glad to hear the bit about your boss being a new convert. Nice job! Literally:)

    OK whoever posts the video up for the international fans wins :D
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Reflecting on the show - it seems very strange that the extended (65 minute) Friday version didn't include Annabel despite it being featured in the "live" (30 minute) Tuesday show. (I'm not complaining but normally I don't bother with the Tuesday show - perhaps I will now!)

    I think you and I are two examples of why they've changed the way the show has worked in recent times.

    If you know that everything on the Tuesday one will be in the Friday one then what incentive is there to watch the Tuesday one? Figures drop and it looks bad with all the effort to go out live that night.

    Make Tuesday have exclusive content, however, and bingo........
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Totally bummed this morning as they have blocked the Jools Annabel clip now that was available for a few days and I can't listen to the BBC Radio player that Alison linked because it's blocked for NON UK listeners. It's tough being a US fan as you miss out on a lot trust me.
  • It's a rough edit - for the geeky amongst you, my edits aren't on key frames so will be a bit clunky or even give some players grief. Plays fine in VLC, for example, though. This is just as a filler until we get some HD goodness to go with the 1080p Annabel already out there.


    Stranger + Clay
    Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two
    (SD, edited)

    Thank You Thank You Thank You... Amazing performances of those tracks, I missed this post when I got on today but very happy I realised I wasn't at the end of this thread.
  • Just uploaded `Stranger` without a title to YT , it knew straight away that it "matched 3rd party copyright" ("Strangers" matched at 18seconds) , so I`ve had to delete it . 
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  • Lovely again, Carps.
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