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next single: Ocean or Everything is Never Enough?
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  • iuventus said:

    The song is called "Everything is Never Enough." A man is running endlessly, refusing to sit down though he is exhausted. He is chasing wealth. Though it touches him and presents itself to him, he cannot capture it because all he sees are the possibilities just out of his reach.

    I've looked at the lyrics now. The video is indeed a pretty direct representation.

  • I am guessing this is just my age but all I could think of watching this is the Cinema God - Alejandro Jodorowsky.  Check out The Holy Mountain...
  • Yes.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Nit my cup of tea. Looks far far too weird for my liking. It looks grotesque on every level.
  • We want remixes!!!
  • remixes are coming soon I think. the snippets from previews seemed to come from remixed versions. I hope!
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  • There is a severe lack of bum on this forum. We need bum. Bum is what we need.

    In the words of Paddy McGuiness: Let the cream see the peach!!!
  • image

    You probably saw that coming, right?


  • Seriously?  Let the cream meet the peach?  That doesn't sound suggestive of a bum of any kind.


  • Whicky- don't be a grumpy bum. I've had an earful from some Christian website where i started some fantasy man/woman thread and some evangelical bloke comes wading in giving me a right ear bashing!!

    Apparantely the discussion of a fantasy man or woman is idolatory. I told him to go and get a life. What planet are these people on. It's called having a bit of light hearted discussion.

    God give me strength because I'm gonna need it.

    It really isn't my month is it.
  • Ha!  Sorry.  I was doing it in light-hearted fun, believe me.

    I think peaches and cream is quite tasteful.  You do realize I love double entendres, right?


  • So?  Tell us about your man/woman fantasies?!?!?  On a Christian site.  Hahaha! Too funny.


  • Well it just started as a bit of banter- you know actual humour. Because it was getting heavy on there. People having arguments over Adam & Eve versus evolution theory. Then some other nutcase was trying to argue that the world is flat and when i said 'are you serious??!!' We all know that the Earth is a sphere. It has been proven by NASA who have taken pictures. How do people manage to do 360 degree world trips and come back full circle!!

    Starting sending me messages asking me to back up my argument. Errr no mate. Use your stupid brain and work it out for yourself.

    So yeah anyway- I simply said ladies and gentlemen, i think its time for a bit of light hearted humour. Who would be your fantasy man or woman. Mine would be Liam Hemsworth, Douglas Booth etc etc.

    Well a few women replied back about who they like, as did a few men but then Mr Righteous decided to wade in and suck the not out of the thread.

    I mean I will admit i wanted to cause a stir but in a good way! They are so bloody uptight it's ridiculous.

    It is NOT a sin to have banter and fun!!!!
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  • Oh, I agree fully.  Damn, but I was thinking of a different sort of man/woman fantasy.  Ha!

    So, banter on!  I tend to the more serious but that goes over here like a stone in water.


  • So who or what is your fantasy Whicky? If they sold banter by the bottle, I'd be totally drinking the stuff.

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