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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Good, as much as I know what they sound like it's good that I won't hear them again until the album is out.  Excited for the new music video :D 
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  • Thank Christ they're gone, I passed the temptation test lol. 

    Now let's keep it audio free until the next official release pls!

  • I tried to listen late last night, but it wasn't even working then. It would load, then wouldn't play. Patience is a virtue I guess, not just a song by Guns n Roses.
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  • I'm liking the different mix, could possibly translate into an extended one?
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  • One minute snippets of each track leaked on youtube.

    Link (not live for long - hurry): 
    If it's taken down, I've got it Firefoxed to my hard drive for those curious to hear (don't hurt me, non-spoiler and copyright people!).

    My synopsis:


    Systemagic will be the next single, without a doubt.This is the album's killer app. Tiptoe meets Train.
    Tigerman is a lush and swirling track, very akin to Pilots. Gorgeous and rumbling.
    Become The One is the strangest track I've heard by them. Not liking the vocal treatment at all. Need to hear more though - perhaps it's salvageable. As it stands, though, I think it's utterly horrible and could have been something really special.
    Faux Suede Drifter is very much like Let It Take You. Almost like a sequel. A swooning upper-range ballad that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I've been hoping they'd make another song that sounds like LITY.
    Zodiac Black - which I'd have hoped would be another banger track - is another slow song with some synths and deep bass sprinkled in. Not sure what to think of this one. The slower songs have a samey-ness to them in my opinion.
    Beast That Never Was is a mid-tempo piece similar in structure and sound to Deep Honey, at least I find. Nice Yellow Halo type of vocal treatment.
    Everything Is Never Enough finally picks up the pace and has a very Believer feel to it, but with stronger vocals. In fact, I get a Head First vibe from much of the album when it comes to the synth and bass treatment.
    Moon In Your Mouth is a slower, growling pleasure. Very groovy. Emphasis on Alison's vocals (distorted for much of the album, by the way, but not too overdone mostly).
    Ocean is my favourite on the album. VERY Thea in the way it builds to a booming chorus. Sounds EXACTLY like something straight out of TRON: Legacy's soundtrack. Fucking glorious.

    Overall, the album has an atmosphere similar to Head First meets Black Cherry with a peppering of TRON: Legacy and Perfect Dark soundtracks (as I predicted so long ago! Yes!). Not comparable to Supernature at all. Don't expect every song to be Strict Machine or Ooh La La.

    In fact, it feels like a mushing of different sounds to create a cohesive atmosphere where everything actually fits nicely together and mingles well. Strange, but beautiful.
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  • For those curious to what 'Tigerman' sounds a bit like without hearing it, here's a 14 Y/O track from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness to hint to you :P

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  • Gaelen said:

    For those curious to what 'Tigerman' sounds a bit like without hearing it, here's a 14 Y/O track from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness to hint to you :P

    Yep. Pretty much exactly that.

    I hope people aren't mad that I shared the snippets! Just too tempting a morsel to pass up sharing.
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  • To be fair, I don't think they give away everything.  They are only snippets, and there's a few of them that you can tell are just getting somewhere before cutting off, so there's still much to experience come March 31st.

    Also, if there is a bonus track, then there's still that to come as well.  Hopefully along with other mixes too!

    I for one won't be listening to the snippets again though, in order to give me time to listen to them fresh in a couple months time but this time in full form.  At least we/I have a better understanding of what we are in for now though, so no overhyping.
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    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • Hey all
    I'm entering the confessional.
    An Australian contact emailed me last week with this link to ZDigital and told me of the one minute samples. Since then, I've emailed Mute twice and tweeted them to tell them but they have shown no interest at all. I never sent them the link, as I did not want to put it on open media. Now ZDigital has been taken down but not before it has migrated to YouTube. They only have themselves to blame as my first mail to them was last Saturday. I knew it would leak out ! I agree with some here that we should try to resist such temptation.
    Anyway, thanks John C. You did the right thing.
    It all started with a Snake and an Apple!
    Three Hail Mary's ok?
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  • I agree with what everyone's saying.

    Frankly, the snippets are now out there and will endlessly leak regardless.

    Still, I hope my sharing them won't be frowned upon! If you don't want to hear, then just ignore it and don't listen, that's all! Lol. I'm sure it's all over the internet now anyway.

    Though if it upsets people, I'll just remove the link.
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  • Ohhh I caved in and had a listen. Its great.
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  • alex_f said:

    Exciting :)

    Gosh, I'd kill for a b-side as well!

    Please dont ;) I can't remember the last time I bought a song with a b side.
  • Loving the shots from the video.imageimage
  • Gorgeous!! So excited.
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