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  • Supernature was never my favourite overall (although there are a few tracks would be on my favourites list) as I've never followed the 'corporate trend' and thought this was their bid for fame and fortune . ST was a surprise and refreshing, I suppose they lost a lot of 'newby fans' who were expecting SN2. I do remember someone shouting out at the ST launch in Islington "turn it up Alison" or words to that effect which I considered to be disrespectful. Let's hope they deliver something refreshing and new for GF7!
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  • I'd bet on it, Appy.  As UT said, quality wins out.
  • I was with Appy at that Union Chapel gig. I think the phrase was 'step it up Alision' ( if this was you, hang your head in shame) referring to the 'sedate' nature of most of 7T compared to SN.
    Therin lies the enigma of Goldfrapp. You just don't know what will be coming next, but you know it will be Awesome!
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  • I don't doubt Alison would have had that person for breakfast, but rightfully chose to ignore it.  I'd have expected better from that crowd as well, I guess there's idiots everywhere.  I've never made it to a gig of theirs, they play in Glasgow when touring usually but not Edinburgh where I stay closer to.  That's where i'd expect that sort of behaviour :P 
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  • I've heard way too many stories about people at gigs that weren't there for the music.  Rudeness just doesn't suit.
  • Alison seems like a lovely lady but I'd never want to get on her bad side. Ever.

  • Speaking of that above, reminds me of the time they performed at the Liverpool International Musical Festival on Halloween of like 2008 (I think?) and Alison had requested people stopped taking flash photography on about 2 occasions. Instead of requesting a third time, as the intro for A&E began, she stormed off stage with her goblet of wine (can you blame her though?) and then shortly returned back to the stage, skipping A&E and moving onto the next track, maybe with a topped up glass of vino too! After then the flashes did stop thankfully!
  • That's absolutely hilarious (though I feel sorry for Alison and the gang having to put up with that kind of ignorant crap - why bother attending a show anyway?). I also remember her getting rather upset during a Head First tour stop when the inflated "eye" forming the background deflated and collapsed all over the place. I still can picture Alison flailing around and making frustrated hand signals, lol.

    And then there was the Italian TV performance of Rocket that they allegedly forced her to lip-sync, resulting in the track starting incorrectly and her mouth not even opening (a timing issue) during the playback of what sounded like the exact album vocal recording of the track. Gave the microphone stand a right good smack. Oh dear me, was she ever pissed.

    My favourite of these moments has to be during a Seventh Tree-era festival performance, during Happiness, when she screamed "IN TIME!" at some very unsynchronized backup dancers. Still makes me giggle.
    Don't think we ever had backup dancers again after that, to be honest.

    Oh, Alison. I feel bad that these moments happened to you, but I'm so happy you approached them with the kind of style and spice that is so very you. Not going to lie, she's given me quite a few hearty laughs.
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  • Would be good if you could find some of those on video, Slippage!   The only one on video I can thing of is when she performed Train at T in the Park and her theremin wouldn't work, which resulted in a puzzled and frustrated look on her face  :-))  

    I also love this particular edit of the song, and her comment at the end; "Lovely wolf ladies"

    I'll also add that the backing vocals of Angie in this are particularly off-putting due to a mixing mistake.
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  • Haha Gaelen, there are five or six videos from TITP 2006 full of angry looks & gestures of all band members :D
  • When Alison goes out of tune around 1:30 and follows with an "ow!" is hilarious as well, had forgotten about that
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  • Alison; a lovely bubbly lady with a perfectionist's temperament. Was there ever a more dangerous yet enticing combination  ;)

  • The best one I remember was from the Felt Mountain era when some twat in the audience told Alison to get on with it. The tension that must have ripped through the audience!
  • Gaelen said:

    Would be good if you could find some of those on video, Slippage!  


    According to witness after performance she told hostess that Goldfrapp are her, Will and Gregory and that only Will (points at Charlie) could make it to Italy

    Muse on same show

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  • That was funny, it was like she went away in a little huff then had to giggle at it afterwards because she felt sheepish  ;))
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