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  • That's great, Jeronimooo.  The other day, I first had some toast with jam followed by greek yogurt.  Now that is quite a different taste.  Both superb, of course!  But probably having nothing whatsoever to do with the song "Lee". 

    Was over at my friend's house tonight and she had the deluxe edition.  "Lee" is just gorgeous.  Glad i got to finally hear it. 
  • We should tweet Alison, see if she will.put Lee on the setlist in March!
  • I agree
  • Shame on me for only just getting round to listening to Lee. Beautiful track and very dreamy. =D>
  • More shame on me 'cos I only just did too. It's a very atmospheric and dreamy song - if I try hard I can see why it didn't make the cut to TOU cos the track listing is quite tight on there.

    Hope it gets on to the setlist!
  • It reminds me of a grown up Laurel

    That's so funny - to me Lee has always been Laurel's "little sister", from the very first time I heard it! :)
    Love it so much...
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