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Festivals 2014
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  • Giancarlo, the entry for this festival is free. And the city is called Lublin :)
  • Giancarlo's obviously got a fast bike !
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  • Wish I had his paper round - very lucrative!
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • free ... wow !
  • its nearly glastonbury, if you're going have a great time. HERE is the bbc web page for it where they will be streaming live from the six main stages.
  • i will go to Sexto Unplugged in italy on 11th of July, i will keep you posted with pictures and descriptions
  • see you there giulys
  • Pitch festival tomorrow with Kate Boy, Little Dragon, Moderat, Massive Attack.
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  • just got home from Sexto Unplugged, it was an amazing show

    I arrived there in the afternoon and i was able to hear and see the soundcheck, it was magical because you could hear it from every part of the town, the local people were enthusiastic about that!

    The show started a bit late, i admit i was very impatient to see them!

    they had the dressing room right next to the stage, up to our heads, we could see inside, for that reason we saw them obscuring the windows ;)

    Alison was in a good mood, she tried to speak italian and that was much appreciated, very sweet!

    The setlist started with tales of us track like jo, annabel, stranger, clay, alvar, drew and went on with yellow halo, little bird, number one, RWH, lovely head, utopia,train, strict machine.

    at the end of the setlist Alison let us stand up and we litterally danced our asses off!

    The local band who accompained them was made of young musician, they were very good and professional.

    Concerning the band, they were wonderful as usual, Angie at one point suggested Alison an italian word, but we couldn't understand which one :)

    Great performace, great night, a pity that is was the only italian date!

    You can find many pictures and videos of the gig on instagram #goldfrapp, or on sexto unplugged page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexto-Nplugged/203307216380533?sk=timeline

  • ^ thanks giulys!
    There's a write up here, I can't read Italian so I dunno what it says, but there's some nice pictures :) http://www.soundandvision.it/goldfrapp-sexto-unplugged/
  • thanks ping! it describes the gig and how every track sounded, it a positive article,  nice pictures!
  • Those are real nice Giulys
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • been in Sesto, Trencin, Lublin and at the Medea premiere, few considerations:

    Sesto al Reghena
    very small town overwhelmed by the event, with the band and the staff everywhere, almost impossible to not meet they or hear the concert ! Alison, the music, the full Moon, the abbey, the nuns, what to ask more ? Really beautiful evening, think I've slept one hour at night so much upside down I was.

    Superpowered audio equipments and Alison pushing every note more than Callas, what-a-performance ! Seen some fantastic dancers in the audience and a woman teaching to her little girl, dance should be a deep tradition there.
    Extremely good prices, got an extraordinary room (an apartment, there was the kitchen too) almost costing like a breakfast.

    Extraordinary audience ! Seen Thymme Jones following the performance. A castle as background, with somebody following from there. Really long travel until Lublin because the roads are veeery slow ! I had the hotel 200 Km away, near an airport, and did the check in at 3 AM

    Very good music and well related to the scenes. How the actors can remind their parts ? Nice setup with a little forest built as a real one should appear from the interior of an house.

    Deutsche autobahn
    Exceptional !! They brought me home at a speed unknown before. During the travel I had time to think how things can be done. A road for example: you can throw some tar somewhere and fill it with speed limits and pretend to have done your work. Or, instead, you can build a flat and large and straight way where you can go safe at 200 mph. It's more difficult, and you must work much more but you have really done something useful. The people following the second way are my preferred, I always wanted to be one of those. Like in the music world: you can clone your success and repeat yourself forever, or you can try to do all new and different, like Goldfrapp
  • yeah! we were able to do that ;)

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