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What i love about Goldfrapp
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  • 1.Outstanding beauty of Alison's voice.
    2.Strong ability to create/change mood.
    3.Soothing quality of many songs as well as disturbing bits.
    4.The fact that listening to them I get an out of body experience.
    5.Most of the time they are doing their own thing.
    6.Goldfrapp is always very melodic,for me music is all about melody.
    7.Music comes first but Alison always create strong visuals that complements the sound content.
    8.Sex by Goldfrapp is sophisticated(even on Black Cherry,there is a slight chance that I have twisted standards for sophisticated;-).She can sing "no time to fuck,but you like the rush" with utter class.
    9.Alison is able to tell a whole story just mumbling,humming and vocalising(those bits are always very special to me).
    10.They're taking familiar stuff and make it their own,they also change with every album always having the Goldfrapp factor.
    11.They are able to cover dreadful song and make me love it,I would like to hear them cover something really awful(like Gaga's Poker Face,I do not hate on Gaga,I kind of like her but her early creation is debatable for me) ;-D.
    12.Alison can be mean in a very endearing way(but she's always right and that comes from pure honesty),lately she became more serene and you can tell she is in a happy place right now.That made me change my long standing theory that you have to be miserable to create good stuff.
    14.Listening to Goldfrapp makes you almost feel the taste on your tonque,makes you project things,see things,gives your speedy rurshes of euphoria,moves you,can be like a warm hug or a slap in the face,Goldfrapp is highly emphatic.
    15.Alison's physicall beauty is very complex,she has childlike quality while being gracious and mature.
    She ages with dignity but imperceptibly.
    16.Goldfrapp's music could be used to cure people with drug problem(excuse me if I offend someone with my ignorant coment,I hope you get what I mean)
    Ok that's about all for now;-D
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  • hi everyone, 

    this is my first post here :) seemed like a perfect opportunity to begin. 

    been a fan since I was exposed to Supernature, Number 1 was my anthem the whole year :)

    what I love about Goldfrapp is their kind of schizophrenic way of changing between styles, styles I both adore and are perfect for every situation. when I want to chill out, Felt Mountain, Seventh Tree and Tales of Us, the last one especially after hearing the album performed live in Manchester last Thursday! <3

    Their electronic style is what brought me in to the fold and made me a Deer ;) not all electro is uplifting but Alison's voice together with Will's tunes sure does the trick. Head First's Rocket & Alive made me very happy during a though time.

    take care!

    You're my favourite moment, You're my Saturday!
  • love your list Jules!

    hello crystalline deer 
  • I appreciate that ping!;-D
    I was heavily inspired by yours and Bell's lists though;->
    The list will grow as I'm bored at work with functioning internet;-D I sell wine in gallery as an extra income.
    Muscatel anyone?That letter is haunting me;-)
    ยินดีต้อนรับ CrystallineDeer!!Someone take google translate from me!
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  • I like her cheekbones. Very catwomanish.
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  • simple, everything.....

    honestly i've been a fan for 8 years & have never found 1 bad point about them..... that's a first normally everything as at least 1 bad point don't it?.... ooh well  

    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I like her latest outfits.
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  • Alison's lovely exuberance for life (I offer her latest tweet as evidence to the court).  Mmmmm, sweet tweets!.
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  • When I go to a Depeche Mode concert I walk away frustrated by the set list, the versions of some songs, the mixing, the synth sounds used (which bear no resemblance to the album) and the fact that Alan Wilder wasn't on stage.

    When I go to a Goldfrapp concert, I walk away elated.
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • Goldfrapp are my big satin comfort blanket and pretty much the soundtrack to my life. I'm very selfish about music and they've always been my secret pleasure [until now]. I love that they transcend genres, push boundaries, experiment and create beautiful abstract sounds that become so familiar.I feel warm and fuzzy when I listen to them. Felt Mountain will always remain by favourite album ever, its impossible to tire of listening to it. And believe me I've listened to it a lot. 
    Plus, Alison's got spunk, I like that. But she's all heart too. 
    I just love them.

  • ^Glad it's not secret anymore...

  • ^Glad it's not secret anymore...


    lol It's a bit of a revelation for me really, I always keep the best stuff to myself and really I've been listening to them for years,but now its all out in the open.....but on here I feel like a complete newb, and yet, I'm not in a way. I'm glad too :) 
  • tvpatrol said:

    but on here I feel like a complete newb

    You fit right in....welcome, once again.  Don't mind the furniture.  Put your feet right up there! 

    Some of your thoughts are most eloquent.  Not that that is necessarily a trait of this forum. 
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  • tvpatrol said:

    You fit right in....welcome, once again.  Don't mind the furniture.  Put your feet right up there!  Some of your thoughts are most eloquent.  Not that that is necessarily a trait of this forum.  :D

    Thats very nice of you to say, thanks :) don't worry, I'm sure I'll be ranting with the best of them in no time ;)
  • you've got the right idea tvpatrol :D
    "its MY favourite song"