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'Performer As Curator' - Alison curating Manchester exhibition.
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  • LuDux said:

    ping said:
    Ha, she didn't mention who wears those red shoes

    I went yesterday, and was lucky to turn up just as a guided tour started.  The guide confirmed it was Alison in the photograph.
  • The full set of 19 'country girls' shots is amazing: http://www.annafox.co.uk/work/country-girls/
  • The full set of 19 'country girls' shots is amazing: http://www.annafox.co.uk/work/country-girls/

    Some are very disturbing images in places, should art always be about making one feel nice though?
    The ones with dead pheasants make me feel physically unwell to look at.
    The others are very disturbing in other ways too, I guess the whole gallery is reflecting a stark vision of country life and affirming that it is indeed a cruel existence. Interesting concept in some of those photos but definitely material for the disturbing thread :8

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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Went to the exhibition yesterday with a couple of Frapp Freaks. It's like going inside Alison's mind, and ties the whole catalogue of Goldfrapp into some kind of coherent map of childhood, taste in art and cinematic influences. While some mysteries are revealed, they are replaced by a heap of new ones.


  • Ooh great photo!! I'd kill to see this show. Tell me more about the mysteries of which you speak:) Please.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Well, it's quite an intimate experience, when you look at Alison's childhood books. She has a gothic sense of style, as we know, and this is prominent in the Grimm's Fairy Tales and their macabre illustrations which are a feature of the show.

    I thinks she had quite a comfortable upbringing judging by the quality of and variety of books. Her taste in art is eclectic, and she really knows her illustrators and surrealist photographers. Women in peril seem to be everywhere and the classic idea of the wicked witch seems to be an early fascination.

    Stuffed animals and tiny wooden toys seem to suggest an idyllic if slightly spooky early rural life, and key elements of Felt Mountain are apparent everywhere, like a sprawling web of influences. Alison's parents must have known she would be creative and prodigious, and they probably laid the foundations for a wild imagination.

    To see the shelves of personal items is wonderfully revealing and confusing at the same time. Look out for the microscopic Demon riding a pig. It's Alison Goldfrapp - don't ask. I knew she was a dark horse, but there is so much more to her than just being a pop star, as we already know from Tales Of Us. Rennaissance woman!

    To trace a line from the flat images and drawings, through the bizarre selection of sculpture, to the culmination of the films for Jo and Annabel (secretly the stars of the show but then I'm biased!) is fascinating and very satisfying. It's as close as any of us will come to being involved in the creative process of Goldfrapp.

    All in all, an extraordinary and unexpected insight into the mind of our favourite chanteuse.

  • A fan after my own heart! Thanks for lending me your eyes, since i'll never get to see it, that was a really lovely review.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • You're very welcome A_is_A. I went armed with cameras but they said no pictures, otherwise I'd do a full colour review!


  • For completists and the curious, this is an interesting page with links to all the artists featured. I really recommend Marcel Dzama for his twisted illustrations (you'll see the influences straight away) as a good starting point.

    Tip: search any artist in Google images, for the full experience.

  • Thanks Sparks. It was nice to read indeed.

    The "no pictures" story reminds me of a visit to the Galleria Borghese in Rome. I went there to see the David statue made by Bernini. At the entrance of the museum there were many signs saying it was forbidden to take pictures. So I left my camera in the luggage room, cauz I'm always obedient to the law, of course. ;) When I reached the room with the statue, there was.... NOBODY. I was there completely alone. If only marble wouldn't be so fugging heavy, I could have taken the statue under my arm and bring it home without anybody noticing it. I damned myself for leaving the camera behind.

    So.... never leave your camera.

    The Bernini statue was the most beautiful human artefact I have ever seen, btw.

  • Okay Jeronimoo, I sneaked one picture out of the sight of the CCTV. I'll post it later.... >:)
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  • [-X O o oooo you naughty boy.

    =D> Well done, though. Can't wait to see it...
  • Some striking examples on this page, including a brown paper bag, which makes for a very nice hat...

  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of the displayed items are somewhat disturbing, but they're cool nevertheless!
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  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of the displayed items are somewhat disturbing, but they're cool nevertheless!

    It's amazing how something as beautiful as Goldfrapp's music could be forged from such darkness and pain. I feel like I have a better understanding of TOU and FM now.


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