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'Performer As Curator' - Alison curating Manchester exhibition.
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  • Does anybody know the exact date that Alison is at the Lowry ?.
  • We don't know that she will be there at all, do we? (I asked this earlier) The show goes on from Oct - March.
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  • Oh no. I hope she does go otherwise i got excited for nothing.
  • THIS is exactly what i was hoping for Alison to start heading towards. super excited! :D
  • Here's the thread you were looking for Hells...
  • Thanks @Ping. Yes I think I shall go at some stage. I think a stop over, food, exhibition, food, drink oh and something else. That's its SHOPPING :D
  • I am going. Starts 2 weeks today. Oct 19th. Probably be the Monday that i go.

  • Sat 19 October - Sun 2 March | #GoldfrappCurator
    The Lowry is proud to present the first exhibition within our new Performer as Curator series, which sees art works selected from collections around the world by musician Alison Goldfrapp. Her exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore some of the singer’s personal inspirations through the painters, film makers, illustrators and photographers who have shaped her own inimitable artistic vision.

    This diverse and high profile selection of works will portray the artist’s fascination in the darker side of fairy tales and folklore through traditional and contemporary artworks by internationally renowned artists. Goldfrapp, who graduated from art school while writing and performing music, also art directs all things visual for the band. The exhibition explores the themes of transformation, metamorphosis and identity that often recur within traditional fairy tales and that have been represented within works of art for centuries.

    Alison Goldfrapp has enjoyed international acclaim following a string of worldwide hits, including Strict Machine, Ooh La La, Lovely Head and Utopia in a career spanning 14 years. Goldfrapp’s most recent album, Tales of Us, is released on 9 September.

    In addition to her critical and commercial success, Goldfrapp’s reputation for spell-binding live performance and original costume designs – coupled with her unwillingness to allow public intrusion into her private life - have cemented her reputation as one of pop music’s most intriguing stars, and this unique exhibition is as distinctive and fascinating as the performer herself.

    The exhibition includes over 20 artists from national and international collections including:

    •Anna Fox
    •John Stezaker
    •Jan Pienkowski
    •Lotte Reiniger (film)
    •Simon English
    •Leonora Carrington
    •Henry Darger
    Gallery Opening Times: Sun – Fri 11am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 5pm
    Entry is free, but please make a donation

    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I'm thinking of heading up to Manchester for a few nights inbetween Christmas and New Year so I can go to the exhibition :D
    Told hubby we were going and then casually mentioned that it was on lol
    Wonder if they will have any posters for sale as love the one advertising it.....
  • Hmmm. I think I want to travel to the UK next year.
  • A friend of mine is said to be going to Manchester next year, I told him to document the WHOLE thing for me, he said he would bring me the catalogue, if there is one, wrote to the museum to enquire, still no answer... wouldn´t it be nice? a catalogue? for us overseas?
  • It will be nice if anything is on sale. There is a shop on the Lowry site with peoples stuff on. It could be on that from the 19th and available to visitors. You would imagine something would be on sale.
  • Arrrrggghhhhh i just read some of the artists she's including. What a juicy list. I adore Henry Darger girls. I had this mild obsession for a couple of years, it's so easy to get caught up in his strange little world. When my girlfriend and i started dating i even made her this really elaborate datebook diary thing with some reworked collages of his stuff.
    Someone take me, i want to see!!!

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • I just went mad and booked train tickets and hotel in Manchester for me and hubby over Xmas holidays so I can visit the exhibition. Beyond excited :)

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