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  • Is there a pic of my & Lyra at Halloween on my FB?!  My internet is infuriatingly slow at the moment so I am finding it hard to look.

    Yes please HJ, I would like to see my little maggot & minnie Goldfrapp fan on here :)
  • Um, hope you're OK with this, Una - you did say you were gonna put up one of you + toddler. Just let me know if you have a preferred choice. So... just how high on the cute-ometer is this? :)


  • That's cool HJ thanks :)  My little witch indeed.  She is quite the bit bigger & bolder now ;)
  • Una said:

    Yes ladies @Laura @Bells lets be having you too :)  I think Bells might have had the same trouble as me trying to get a pic up elsewhere.  I have @HalloweenJack to thank for my posey Mac Poserson pic :D

    I have followed the instructions to the letter I swear, this msg board doesn't like me!!

    I did try and post a piccy but it didnt work. I kinda had second thoughts about putting my mush on here as decided to stick to the anonymity of posting under board name and leave the rest to your imagination. Besides, post my picture on here they would have to shut the forum due to complaints!  X_X
  • HB, is it OK to post one of you in "costume"? LOL Crikey, this was 9 months ago...

    imageLeft to right: Peter Jeffery, Stephanie, Fenlander62, (Alpa), Paolo, (Paolo's wife), Halloween_Jack, Big_Bird (of course), Hells_Bells, wild_corgi, pob06
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  • A_is_A said:

    Previously known as the 'Post a Piccie of Yourself' thread.

    I'll start:
    My Dad on Fathers Day with a halo and three of his five kids...


    Thats a cool picture  =D>
  • A_is_A said:

    I'm jealous of y'alls furry beards! Maybe one day...when i come back, as a man, I'll have one :D

    I was going to say something about having a beard elsewhere but seriously do not want to get slapped/beaten up by you. Just a girlie joke  #:-S
  • Sartori said:


    My mouse is noisy btw

    LOL Ive only just seen this so big thanks. I shall try at some stage. By the way, I have a mail merge to do at work tomorrow if you fancy popping down and just putting that together for me  :-))
  • HB, is it OK to post one of you in "costume"? LOL Crikey, this was 9 months ago...


    OH MY F*****G GOD........... I'm gonna die with embarrassment. That raised a lot of questions from my friends on Facebook when they saw it. Who, why, what etc. I just think its called having a sense of humour which some of my mates are distinctly lacking at times. Must be something to do with marriage  :-?
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  • ^ Haha. Well, we do look a bit bonkers! Not sure marriage kills that kind of soh though... that's Paolo + wife there!
  • finally got a haircut, yay

  • (removed)
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  • Fantastic haircut Andy! It's very flattering, very young Elvis. I like it.
    Bells-I'm on to your girlie joke.

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Una said:

    My little witch indeed.  She is quite the bit bigger & bolder now ;)

    The time seems to fly by doesn't it.....very very cute picture though. :)
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''
  • I confoose too. Lol. Who is 'another lady'?

    Just wanted to say, here is a picture featuring another female person, as requested by some.

    Dreeke said:

    Cool! I'm geussing you're the one in the middle next to Kate Akhurst?

    That is correct.
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