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Goldfrapp Collections (you know you have them ;) )
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  • rewak said:

    but if there's a sticker on the cellophane i'll cut around the sticker or if possible peel it off and stick it inside the box somewhere. That's my level of OCD, i don't mind taking the cellophane wrapper off but i won't throw away any stickers that are on them [-X

    I'm sooooo pleased you said all that - I've been doing it for years and honestly thought it was just me!

    I take the stickers off the outside of the wrapping and stick them on the plastic of the sleeve somewhere or, more often, cut around the sticker so it has the cellophane on the back to stop it being sticky then put it in the middle of the inlay booklet.
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  • In the last few days I've bought a magazine promo cd from Mexico and a Charmed soundtrack cd just because they were cheap & quirky things to add to the Goldfrapp collection.

    Always something out there to add to one of the boxes :D
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • cut around the sticker so it has the cellophane on the back to stop it being sticky then put it in the middle of the inlay booklet.

    Meeee tooooo!  :))
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  • ^X2 Same here!!!! :D
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
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  • always keep stickers. how can anybody throw away part of an album artwork?
  • I like to keep stickers on vinyls and CD's wherever possible yes ;;)
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  •  Nothing to do with me whatsoever and as far as I`m aware - not for sale , I can`t see this site mentioned on this forum or the old one (please forgive the shit search engine if it is) . Its a pictorially detailed collection of promotion items and general paraphernalia for Goldfrapp - it`ll make people weep , it`ll make people say "I want one of them" , it`ll make people say "meh! got that , got that , got that" - whatever .  

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  • Jozzy81 said:

    Felt Mountain CD+VINYL Felt Mountain Special Edition 2CD Black Cherry CD+VINYL Supernature CD+VINYL+UMD Supernature CD+DVD Supernature US CD Supernature US CD+DVD Wonderful Electric Live In London DVD+UMD Live 2005 Nottingham Rock City 2CD We Are Glitter CD Seventh Tree CD+VINYL Seventh Tree CD+DVD+POSTCARDS & POSTER Seventh Tree Special Edition CD+DVD Head Frist CD+VINYL The Singles CD Supernature Promo Posters 2005/06 (X5) Tales Of Us Live Singed Poster Other Items INC : 7 Stickers, 10+ Postcards, 3 T-shirts, 7 Badges & 4 Signed Photos.....

    Add = Tales Of Us CD+VINYL, & 4th T-shirt (Black Cherry era).....
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    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • rewak said:

    It'd take me a while to list everything i have, i'll try to sum up quick

    Felt Mountain + Vinyl
    Black Cherry + Vinyl
    Wonderful Electric DVD + UMD
    Supernature (CD+DVD with slipcase) + Vinyl + UMD
    LiveHereNow 2005 (All 6)
    We Are Glitter
    Seventh Tree (CD+DVD) + Vinyl
    Head First + Vinyl
    Tales Of Us (Deluxe Box)

    All CD's with proper slipcases except Head Firsts, i opted for the promo CD's
    Lovely Head 12"
    Utopia 12"
    Human 12"
    Utopia Genetically Enriched 12"
    Strict Machine double 12"
    Ooh La La 12" (Both)
    Satin Boys 7"
    A&E 7"
    Happiness 7"
    Caravan Girl 7"

    Felt Mountain Excerpts CD
    Felt Mountain US CD
    Utopia Magic! CD
    Pilots 5-Track
    Utopia Genetically Enriched 1-Track
    Black Cherry Multimedia CD
    Black Cherry EPK DVD
    Black Cherry 6 Songs
    Wolf Lady 12"
    Twist 1-Track
    Strict Machine 2-Track
    Wonderful Electric 4-Track CD
    Marilyn Manson vs Goldfrapp CD
    US "Sampler"
    Ooh La La Watermarked 1-Track
    Ooh La La 1-Track
    Number 1 1-Track
    Ride A White Horse 1-Track + 2-Track
    Fly Me Away 1-Track
    Satin Boys Flaming Chic CD (with press sheet)
    A&E 1-Track + Club Promo
    Happiness 1-Track + Club Promo
    Caravan Girl 1-Track
    Clowns 1-Track
    Rocket 2-Track
    Alive 2-Track
    Believer 8-Track
    Melancholy Sky 3-Track

    The Black Sessions CD
    Deep Honey Live in Berlin CD
    Supernature Taiwan Bootleg (Has FM, BC, + SN spread over 2 Discs)
    EMI Taiwan Promo DVD (Has Wonderful Electric stuff on it)
    Black Cherry Book
    Black Cherry Leather Wristband
    Black Cherry Postcard
    Black Cherry Sticker
    Black Cherry Badges
    Train Poster
    Supernature Poster
    Supernature Green Foil Folder (with signed print and Ooh La La Stickers)
    Supernature Badges
    Supernature Metal Keyboard Keyring
    Supernature "Peach" Tshirt
    Supernature "Wraparound glitter logo" Tshirt
    Supernature "RAWH" Boxer shorts
    Supernature Tour Itinerary
    Supernature Tour Flyers x2
    Supernature Playing Cards
    Ooh La La Poster
    Eden Sessions Wristband
    Seventh Tree Postcard
    Seventh Tree Press Sheet
    Seventh Tree Tour Pass
    Seventh Tree Notebook
    Seventh Tree Pencils
    Seventh Tree Badges
    Seventh Tree Tour Flyers
    Seventh Tree Tour Edition Slipcase

    Err, yeah. I may have missed a few things here and there, and i'm not even starting on the live bootlegs i've got, we'd be here all week :P

    hells bells that is some serious collection,fair play
  • Out of that mighty impressive list i would want the badges, Flyers and wristband. I could do with an extra t-shirt. I have all the cds except 1 single.
  • Well.. not as impressive as some people on here! Doing my best to write all of these from memory.. A few gaps I'm annoyed with (need to hunt for missing items!) and I'm desperate for Seventh Tree and Felt Mountain vinyls *weep*

    Felt Mountain
    CD digipack album
    Utopia CD single
    Human CD single
    Pilots (On A Star) CD2 single
    Utopia (Genetically Enriched) CD1 single
    Lovely Head 12" vinyl
    Utopia (Genetically Enriched) 12" vinyl
    Felt Mountain Poster
    2001 Northern American tour postcard

    Black Cherry
    CD Album
    12" album vinyl 
    Train CD1 & CD2 (with slipcase)
    Strict Machine CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Twist CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Black Cherry CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Strict Machine '04 CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Black Cherry album Poster
    Twist Poster
    Promotional Stickers
    Wonderful Electric DVD (Slipcase)
    3x Black Cherry promotional postcards

    CD album (standard)
    CD & DVD deluxe album (with slipcase)
    Ooh La La CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Number 1 CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Ride A White Horse CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Fly Me Away CD1, CD2 & DVD (with slipcase)
    Fly Me Away (12" Vinyl)
    Satin Boys, Flaming Chic 7" vinyl
    Supernature Poster
    Supernature T-shirt
    Supernature Tour programme
    4x set promotional postcards
    4x set promo badges

    Seventh Tree
    CD album (standard)
    CD album & DVD deluxe box 
    A&E 7" picture disc (with slipcase)  - still need to get the cd singles!
    Happiness CD1, CD2 and 7" picture disc (singles box)
    Caravan Girl CD1, CD2 and 7" picture disc (singles box)
    Giant Seventh Tree Poster
    Clown Hoody from Seventh Tree tour 

    Head First 
    CD Album
    12" album vinyl with CD
    Rocket CD single
    2x Head First postcards
    1x Head First Poster

    The Singles
    CD Album

    Tales of Us
    CD album
    Special Edition box set (awaiting arrival!)
    Drew promo cd

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  • Here's mine, it their showcase:


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  • Ereality said:

    Here's mine, it their showcase:



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