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Goldfrapp Collections (you know you have them ;) )
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  • Felt Mountain «Little Red Book» and other treasures...

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  • Didn't know there was a 7th Tree singles box case. I thought they only did them for the Black Cherry and Supernature era's.
  • iantxon said:

    Felt Mountain «Little Red Book» and other treasures...v>

    That little red book must be the holy grail of merchandise... I've never seen a pic of it til now!!!!

  • I had it and stupidly sold it on ebay. Regretted it ever since!!
  • my goldfrapp cock bag is pretty special to me :p
  • Gasp!!! I forgot about the penis garden bags!!!!
  • No rare CD's really.

    Just some promo (unreleased) remixes of Train, Strict Machine and Number 1.
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  • A few bits and bobs :-), do like my black cherry lip balm (just because it was different, like the promo sugarcubes Ladytron gave out), wolf lady and a couple of test pressings.

    Soft as it might seem some of my fav stuff is things that gmb'ers put together and/or shared or helped me get.
  • I love my Greek promo DVD, that's amazing.

    What's on this Felt mountain demo cd people are mentioning?
  • Oh, and what's the Wolf lady promo like? Any different from the album version of Train?
  • Felt Mountain Jewel Case
    Felt Mountain Digipack
    Felt Mountain Special Edition
    Black Cherry
    Wonderful Electric Digipack
    Supernature US
    Supernature BR
    Supernature US Deluxe 
    We Are Glitter
    Seventh Tree US Special Edition Without Slipcase
    Seventh Tree BR
    Head First
    Head First with the booklet defective
    Head First Vinyl
    The Singles
    A&E Picture Vinyl
    Happiness Picture Vinyl
    Alive Picture Vinyl

    soon on my collection:
    Seventh Tree Vinyl
    Senveth Tree Deluxe (both)
    Tales of Us Deluxe and Standard version
    Wonderful Electric (Standard Plastic Case, i hate digipacks, they damage too fast)
    My Summer of Love Soundtrack
    Winter Wonderland (Starbucks)
    Radio 1's Live Lounge - Volume 3
    and all the singles with b-sides and the picture vinyls

    Supernature, Black Cherry and Felt Mountain vinyls are really rare, i hope they reissue their albums on vinyl and sale them on their new webstore.

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  • I picked up the vinyls from HMV a few years back, only a £10 each. So glad I've got them all!
  • i had lucky to find Seventh Tree LP brand new in a reasonably price, listen to Felt Mountain in a analog sound must be magic, especially Pilots, but i don't find that LP for less than $300, i think is too expensive even for hardcore fans.
  • chokka said:

    my goldfrapp cock bag is pretty special to me :p

    Ha!  Yes I do love that bag.

    @nuwebb we know you're cool :)  I've always thought of you as THE collector ;)  That Felt Mountain promo must be ridiculously rare.

    I have a nice collection, but my most cherished is the Christmas card they sent out to a lucky few, was it in 2010?  I'll try adding a pic......


  • O M G :-O
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

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