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Goldfrapp Collections (you know you have them ;) )
  • Collectors! I know you're out there. Who has the craziest, most elaborate Frapp collection? Let's compare! Show us your rarest, hardest to find items, be it limited editions, rare vinyls, autographs, bracelets, books, iphone cases, etc! Let the sharing begin! Should be fun!

     My collection isn't much as of YET but I'm starting to acquire some neat items. Starting to work on collecting every 12" Goldfrapp vinyl release, and frame them all (I loves a challenge). So far thanks to the loveliness of Ebay I've found Head First, Strict Machine (second ep, with the pink/purple background), Fly Me Away, Number 1 and Ride A White Horse. 

    Unfortunately Ebay doesn't have much, and amazon is always sold out (or offering Seventh Tree for $900, seriously) . Anyone know good websites where I can add to the collection? I'm trying to desperately find Lovely Head (i know, good freakin' luck) and all the albums on vinyl. 

    I'll share with you guys my most prized addition, a professionally silver framed copy of Head First, with a print, and the liner from the limited cassette signed by Alison and Will. 

    (for some reason uploading your own photos isn't an option :P )
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  • speaking of collections....
    been sitting on an extra set of the Black Cherry Singles slip covers for the past decade....
    Anyone need them i'll send them to you.....

  • its a funny thing collecting, i have been collecting stuff from 12 years old now nearly 50..B-) ., it started with Gary Numan ,but with Numan I got to know, record dealers, shop staff and his mum, so I used to get tones of stuff.it just took over from there, different labels, covers, pressing plates, test pressing proof covers, then something happened, which I wont go into here, and in the mid 90's just before eBay I sold up, but then I decided not to collect anymore...,but then I saw the lovely head video and I got the passion for it again, then I really got back into the game when I saw The Killers support Numan in 2004 and that really did kick the habit back, so I would say its the thrill of tracking down a item, networking with other collectors, and finding the rare stuff, i trade stuff with people on the Killers forums as well as a few Frapp collectors on this forum, those guys know who they are and I think they would all say, that I am passionate about the bands I like....I think that sort of explains it,i don't smoke,i am s social drinker and can take it or leave it, give me a rare cd or vinyl over a fag or a pint any day....
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  • I used to keep them when I was a teenager. I don't now, but I'm just fine.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Difficult this one, what to say yes I have a few Goldfrapp bits and pieces.

    Slippage, yes all the vinyl albums other than Head First tend to fetch ridicoulsly high sums, makes me wonder if Mute shouldn't consider repressing them, and that way those who own them already can't be too pissed off, as original pressings always fetch more. I picked up Black Cherry on vinyl for less than £20, it was in a shop now closed down, well it was in near mint, so considering that's a bargain really. But I'll tell you what someone selling 7T for $900 is taking the piss, I reckon you can find it for a lot less if you look hard enough, don't necessarily quote me on that though.

    My most desired item, probably that Mute demo CD someone was mentioning, or to be honest that Deluxe box for Tales of Us, can't get it, no way but doesn't mean it's not terribly desirable either
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  • It'd take me a while to list everything i have, i'll try to sum up quick

    Felt Mountain + Vinyl
    Black Cherry + Vinyl
    Wonderful Electric DVD + UMD
    Supernature (CD+DVD with slipcase) + Vinyl + UMD
    LiveHereNow 2005 (All 6)
    We Are Glitter
    Seventh Tree (CD+DVD) + Vinyl
    Head First + Vinyl
    Tales Of Us (Deluxe Box)

    All CD's with proper slipcases except Head Firsts, i opted for the promo CD's
    Lovely Head 12"
    Utopia 12"
    Human 12"
    Utopia Genetically Enriched 12"
    Strict Machine double 12"
    Ooh La La 12" (Both)
    Satin Boys 7"
    A&E 7"
    Happiness 7"
    Caravan Girl 7"

    Felt Mountain Excerpts CD
    Felt Mountain US CD
    Utopia Magic! CD
    Pilots 5-Track
    Utopia Genetically Enriched 1-Track
    Black Cherry Multimedia CD
    Black Cherry EPK DVD
    Black Cherry 6 Songs
    Wolf Lady 12"
    Twist 1-Track
    Strict Machine 2-Track
    Wonderful Electric 4-Track CD
    Marilyn Manson vs Goldfrapp CD
    US "Sampler"
    Ooh La La Watermarked 1-Track
    Ooh La La 1-Track
    Number 1 1-Track
    Ride A White Horse 1-Track + 2-Track
    Fly Me Away 1-Track
    Satin Boys Flaming Chic CD (with press sheet)
    A&E 1-Track + Club Promo
    Happiness 1-Track + Club Promo
    Caravan Girl 1-Track
    Clowns 1-Track
    Rocket 2-Track
    Alive 2-Track
    Believer 8-Track
    Melancholy Sky 3-Track

    The Black Sessions CD
    Deep Honey Live in Berlin CD
    Supernature Taiwan Bootleg (Has FM, BC, + SN spread over 2 Discs)
    EMI Taiwan Promo DVD (Has Wonderful Electric stuff on it)
    Black Cherry Book
    Black Cherry Leather Wristband
    Black Cherry Postcard
    Black Cherry Sticker
    Black Cherry Badges
    Train Poster
    Supernature Poster
    Supernature Green Foil Folder (with signed print and Ooh La La Stickers)
    Supernature Badges
    Supernature Metal Keyboard Keyring
    Supernature "Peach" Tshirt
    Supernature "Wraparound glitter logo" Tshirt
    Supernature "RAWH" Boxer shorts
    Supernature Tour Itinerary
    Supernature Tour Flyers x2
    Supernature Playing Cards
    Ooh La La Poster
    Eden Sessions Wristband
    Seventh Tree Postcard
    Seventh Tree Press Sheet
    Seventh Tree Tour Pass
    Seventh Tree Notebook
    Seventh Tree Pencils
    Seventh Tree Badges
    Seventh Tree Tour Flyers
    Seventh Tree Tour Edition Slipcase

    Err, yeah. I may have missed a few things here and there, and i'm not even starting on the live bootlegs i've got, we'd be here all week :P
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  • everytime i see a promo on ebay, i think its you selling them rewak and i get a little sad. glad its not you! ;)

    i have a fair collection of stuff. was never really interested in the promo's. anything that looks pretty :p
  • eBay and Paypal take the piss with fees so i try to avoid selling stuff there as much as possible, if i was going to offload any Frapp stuff i'd post here but i'm too much of a hoarder to part with stuff unless i'm really desperate for cash :P
  • i think id have to start selling my body first before thinking of selling my goldfrapp collection for cash. :p
  • God, I really don't have much compared to all of you!

    Felt Mountain (CD)
    Black Cherry (CD)
    Supernature (CD)
    We Are Glitter (CD) 
    Seventh Tree (CD)
    Seventh Tree (Special Edition)
    and Head First (CD)

    Don't even have The Singles yet :P And the Tales of Us boxset is sooooo tempting, no matter if it's signed or unsigned.

  • I adore my Special Edition cd/dvd of Seventh Tree. Such beautiful live performances and behind the scenes clips. A real treat. Not to mention the vividly beautiful slipcase it comes in ^_^

    Some people don't even have Felt Mountain, actually it was hardest for me to find that one. Be proud you got ahold of a copy!

    And as for The Singles you aren't really missing much, it's cheaper and more worthwhile to get it via itunes, you'll also get 2 bonus remixes not found on the cd.
  • Felt Mountain CD
    2 x Black Cherry CD
    Supernature CD
    Seventh Tree CD + DVD (with signed postcard)
    Head First LP+CD (with signed poster)
    The Singles

    Human digipack single
    Train 12"
    Train CD 2
    Black Cherry CD 2
    Strict Machine CD 2
    Twist CD 1
    Ooh La La DVD
    Ride A White Horse CD 1
    Fly Me Away CD 2 with poster
    Happiness 7"

    Ooh La La slipcase
    Ride a White Horse T-shirt
    Felt Mountain T-shirt
    2 x badge (legs & pink logo)
    4 stickers (Ooh La La & Goldfrapp logo)
    Ooh La La postcard

  • B.C. slipcovers are now gone ....
  • One of my Fav items in my collection...



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  • They just don't do promos like that anymore, damn shame too.
  • Ok.... From the top....

    Felt Mountain Cd
    Black Cherry Cd
    Supernature deluxe cd/DVD with slipcase
    Supernature cd standard edition
    We Are Glitter cd
    Seventh Tree deluxe box cd
    Seventh Tree cd/dvd tour version
    Head First cd
    The Singles cd

    Wonderful Electric DVD with slipcase

    Live 2005 Manchester 2cd set x 2
    Live in Bristol 2cd Head First tour

    Lovely Head cd
    Utopia cd
    Human cd
    Utopia genetically enriched cd1
    Pilots cd 1+2
    Train set with slipcase
    Strict Machine set with slipcase
    Twist set with slipcase
    Black Cherry set with slipcase
    Strict Machine 2004 set with slipcase
    Ooh La La set with slipcase
    Ooh La La club promo 5 trk
    Number 1 set with slipcase
    Number 1 club promo 5 trk
    Ride a White Horse set with slipcase
    Fly Me Away set with slipcase
    Satin Boys 7" vinyl
    A&E single cd 1+2
    A&E 7" vinyl
    A&E cd club promo 5 trk
    Happiness cd single 1+2
    Happiness 7" vinyl
    Happiness club promo cd 5 trk
    Caravan Girl cd 1+2
    Caravan Girl 7" vinyl
    Rocket cd single
    Alive 7" square shaped vinyl
    Believer cd single

    Seventh Tree singles box
    Seventh Tree 7" slipcase

    Black Cherry EPK DVD

    Supernature playing cards

    Seventh Tree pencil crayon box
    Seventh Tree era notepad

    Ride a white horse t-shirt
    Supernature Fruit logo t shirt
    Seventh Tree tour t shirt (imaginary places on the back)

    Not a bad selection bit short compared to rewak!!!

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