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  • Sparky! That rainbowmagpie is beautiful.
  • Cheers Whisperit! I'm quite surprised that a random pic turned out like that. Well done that magpie.

  • Good stuff Sparky!
  • I've just redesigned my blog, which has a fair bit of Frapp stuff on it, in case you're interested. So I'm showing off my web design, photography and remix stuff in the wild hope that it might feed my starving children ego.


  • image
    Mr Jolly was created for my Halloween costume about a year ago, but he reappeared at Xmas....

  • Hmmm, wasn't sure where to put this..I guess here seems fine. I absolutely LOVE it when someone edits a film clip and Goldfrapp song together. I've seen some rather impressive ones. I would love to do this myself, but I'm always a bit paranoid about copyright law. Today I was listening to the Stranger Moog remix and thought it would pair with this scene from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows-forest scene. Has anyone on here created their own Goldfrapp video?!

    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • @ponygurl: i believe sparky has used bits of this very video for his thea remix.. you ask a good question though, wonder as well whether anyone here has made a fan vid..

  • ^ I made one for melancholy sky...

    And I think holy owl has as well :)
  • i take that back!!

    sparky has also made a very adorable version of clowns super 8! 

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  • just lovely, ping!

    in the vein of yellow halo vid.. beautiful to see it end with alison enjoying being on stage :)
  • @Ponygurl Funny how great minds think alike ha ha...

  • Wow!!! Excellent job guys!!! Impressive...;). I suppose if you site the work you're using and put a disclaimer in..you're fine. I can not believe you used part of the same clip for your Thea remix! Wild! ...if you mute the above clip I posted and play Stranger Moog...it's like they're meant for each other. The Universal Mind..;)
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • imageThe last episode in the Tales of the City series hit the shelves yesterday. A few years ago, at a book signing, when Armistead Maupin said he was unsure if the series would continue, I asked him to write the book of Mrs Madrigal, his ingenious transgender character. I'm not claiming any credit here, I'm just happy to be holding this wish-list book in my hand.

  • ^ Maybe inspiration is the gift you bring. ;)
    I'm babysitting my niece tonight (she's asleep) and am bored off my ass- so I decided to write a poem. I had a couple glasses of wine and listened to Michael Nyman's "The Piano" soundtrack- really I'm drunk.


    There is a Storm
    Descending like Twilight
    The Truth lies down on a bed of Shadows-
    I have felt it coming...I could smell it in the air
    It's Near.

    Your eyes a still Ocean-
    Liquid and reflecting...disguising the depth
    It would be easy to Forget, the Fathoms that lie

    There is a Magnificent Storm
    The Wind Sings of it
    I can taste it..a Whiplash of
    Salt and Sand...and you know
    It will Erode Everything Eventually.

    The Face of the Cliff dissolves-
    A stolen Persephone.

    The Sky Flashes a Truth and
    Dispels the Shadows..an ignited
    Nervous System.
    I See Everything.

    Blowing and tangled
    I wear the water like threads..the strands of your
    Your Eyes are my Eyes..Your Storm
    Is My Storm.

    It Spills over onto Me, and
    I can't hide anything

    Your truth my Baptism
    Swallows me whole
    It's here, my dear

    I felt it coming.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Really lovely, ping.. the ocean's embrace is like the lover's.. as terrifying as it us, here i sense a surrender, a unison..

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