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  • I hope it leaks soon, I've heard "Annabel", and it sounds fantastic.
  • samuel said:

    I hope it leaks soon, I've heard "Annabel", and it sounds fantastic.

    I'm sorry, you've what? :O

  • Are we reeeeally gonna start up this again? Remember when everyone and their dog claimed to have heard Rocket? 8-|
  • Well I did hear Rocket..... When it came out. :)
  • TALES OF US OUT IN 71 DAYS......
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • This may or may not have been posted before. Apologies if it was. 

  • ^ Very interesting find, thank you!
    I can't wait anymore.
  • What a lovely, warm & gracious write-up.

    Great read & great find.
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  • I've just finished the book.

    As rewak says, the style is quite dense, with the narrative drive often broken up with the thoughts and memories of the characters. Its well written, if a bit self-conciously literary and precious for my taste.

    Its set on Labrador, and the specific ways of living on the island are central to the texture of the prose. .

    The central character is born hermaphrodite, but does not learn this until s/he reaches adolescence. Wayne/Annabel - and the other main characters - are portrayed with respect and delicacy

    To my mind the novel isn't especially about the issue of intersex or gender. It's as much about how life and its adversities affect our hopes and dreams as we grow older and more experienced; how we come to terms with things as they are rather than how we imagine they will/should be.

  • I really enjoyed reading Ms. Winter's journal piece regarding Goldfrapp's Annabel. It certainly makes me want to hear it that much more.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Middlesex is a better. I wonder if Alison read it after or before she read Annabel.
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  • Stranger! Glad ur back :)
  • Wow!  Thanks for that, Low.  It gives a truly warm and fuzzy feeling.