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Tales of Us - Lyrics
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  • Y'all very welcome

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  • Thanks to both of you.

    Looks like even the lyrics are handwritten by different persons. Love that!
    Be patient.
  • Alison is in ny. Sad i wont see her :(
  • thanks! to both of you  :)>-

  • Wow, Laurel is even more disturbing now I can read the words....
    Annabel is so poetic it's beautiful - love the 'tangled hair and porcelain' line like a little film still.
    Jo seems like a little movie, and Thea's line 'are they mad, are we dreaming' makes for a real sense of adventure. Alvar has 'a song of hooves playing loud,' which I really preferred as 'a song of wolves baying loud,' as my earworm heard it. 

    Reading the lyrics while listening to the songs is like being invited inside the album. Fab - thanks Juanbjork and Stranger.

  • THank you so VERY MUCH!!
  • Thank you so much Stranger, I just couldn't wait Monday.
  • Sparky said:

    Wow, Laurel is even more disturbing now I can read the words....

    You should watch the movie adaptation.
    “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous." — Queen Victoria
  • "At the mirror you gentle comb your hair"

    This must be my favorite part of Simone, this is so cinematographic... When the song "starts", piano changes into harpsichord/guitar. We can clearly feel the betrayal.
  • There's a mistake for Thea, it's : "There's wild in your eyes, there's a light oh Thea, there's a feeling". Not : "There's wild in your eyes oh Thea, there's a light, there's a feeling".
  • Wow, I've just seen the postings of the lyrics. Thank you Stranger and juanbjork!
  • The one thing this signals for me is a real return to the craft of Alison's lyrics. You only have to look at the number of footers and sigs where people pull out favourite little fragments from past eras and I think there are a number more than worthy of joining them on here.

    "Every word is soft as fur"

    "I want to swim your silk black skin to the floor"

    "Float on glass a mirror hot with the universe above"

    "Your deep sea eyes ancient stars"

    "Filigree of time demeaning sunset spoken"

    "All for you oh hungry moon"

    It's littered with such little exploding capsules of meaning and just makes it an extra treat for the head to listen to.

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    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • I collected the lyrics together and put them in a file which people can download here.

    It's RTF format.. hope that's readable on most machines...

    The lyrics are so important to this album. I read them on my (back-lit) mobile, as I listened last night in bed, in the dark. It was like hearing the songs anew. Awesome.
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  • Thanks for doing that, and totally agree with you on how important they are. It made a huge difference hearing Annabel pre-release without lyrics, and post-release with.

    On a tangent - apart from Annabel and Drew, I would never have worked out the story/occasion/whatever of the songs from the lyrics as written or sung. Not even Clay, really - OK, I could be really insensitive there. Don't all rush to agree, hmm?

    It's just fascinating to me seeing and hearing Alison go off on a meditative and expressive tangent from the starting points that have been described in interviews and such.
  • WOW! Thanks Stranger & juanbjork for posting the lyrics. I'm playing the songs on my drive to and from work and find myself singing along to lyrics and pretty impressed that I'm not far off from what Alison is actually singing!  :-bd

    These lyrics are ace. I can't stop thinking about the songs while I'm at work too. 

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