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  • My Sister says she will pay for me to either go a football match or a concert for my Birthday in December. Shes doing it because i have had a torrid few months. Tickets will have to be on general sale. I am thinking about asking her to just get me 2 for Ellie Goulding in March.
  • Shes not great in my book. A goldfrapp gig wud be better :D
  • Oh anyday. The one Frapp gig i went in 2010 will probably be the only one i will have ever been to. Due to different reasons. As for Ellie Goulding. I know a few who think she is ok. But everyone likes the Anything can happen track.
  • Dreeke said:

    AND she used to be a member of the Go-Go's as well!

    She did!  And, if that isn't cool, nothing is.
  • I currently have 3 gig tickets:

    1. Melanie Pain at Bush Hall on Sept 25th
    2. The Primitives at the 100 Club on Sept 28th
    3. Goldfrapp at Hammersmith Apollo on Nov 1st
  • I haven't mentioned Goldfrapp in NYC on 10 September, have I?
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Recent gigs: Martha Reeves & the Vandellas @ Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh and Devon Sproule @ Letham Village Hall.

    Pumajaw @ Summerhall, Edinburgh (playing some songs from films including Kiss Me Deadly, Johnny Guitar and Night of the Hunter). Superb.

    Last weekend: Electric Picnic festival in Ireland which included 4 absolutely stunning performances from Bjork; The Knife; David Byrne & St Vincent; Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters.

    This month: Caro Emerald @ Glasgow Concert Hall. Melanie Pain @ Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh.
  • Debating whether or not to get a ticket for Mindless Self Indulgence at the end of the year...part of my heads argument against is im too old for it and won't have the energy, and that depresses me on so many levels, and then fuels the part of my mind that loves an argument to get a ticket and prove myself wrong. :-<
  • Anna Calvi at Wilton's Music Hall in London tomorrow night. Im sooo excited  :D
  • I'm going to Anna Calvi tonight as well! Yippee! It's gonna be an intimate affair and a first listen to her new album..... LIKE MANCHESTER AGAIN BUT NOT FOR GOLDFRAPP.

    Actually. I've just realised I don't have a ticket... Shite. Hoping I opted for pick up at the venue?..... Best check that now.....

    Ahh as organised and prepared as ever ;)
  • ^
    I won't be leaving work until 4.30 so by the time I get to navigate my way round all the roadworks in the shite shire here, will be hopefully about 6.30 to get to the venue.
    As long as there's a toilet there I'll be fines - nerves and excitement =P~
  • I'm pretty sure there is both a loo and a bar there, so all our needs will be covered haha!

    She's not on till 9.10, but as it's an unreserved affair I'm gonna try and bag me a good spot. I'll take my hip flask to keep me going ;) SO EXCITING.
  • Can't remember the support act but sound interesting! Hour and half to go before I run out the office
  • Yeah I'm def gonna check them out.

    Did you hear 'Sing to Me', a little taster from the album? She posted it on the show page on FB. I think this whole 'I'm keeping it all secret from you then playing the whole thing in one go in a beautiful setting' thing is such a great idea. Thank you goldfrapp and thank you Anna!!

    I'm having a cheeky G&T then heading up town. :D
  • Without question, my second favourite gig of the year (after Manchester night 2)

    Anna Calvi can play a guitar like no one I've ever seen love, other than Jack White, probably... The TALENT in that woman. Her whole band actually, make for one incredible trip.

    The new album is AWESOME. it sounded amazing live, and it will be a treat to purchase it on October 7th. Interspersed with tracks from the first album - desire, suzanne and I, I'll be your man... But 'love won't be leaving' my personal favourite. Standing 4 feet away from her, she looked so happy and relaxed, even though they were playing the new ones for the very first time.

    Absolutely blew me away.

    And fabulous to have shared it with the lovely Hells_Bells. Grand to see you love!! Hope you got home safe xxx

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