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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • I hope the read these comments. I truly love Tales Of Us. Such a shame it took so long to get this box set and that Sandbag have not been helpful or delivered good customer service.
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  • I am 85 per cent certain they do read the forum.
  • looks like everyone who brought it in june-july time got a signed one :)
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    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • True. Clearly nobody from their management reads this forum... It would nice if we had an official response from them about the 'issues'

     If you read back in the thread , even before the delays , you`ll see notes about them , they (Sandbag) were a shit company before the debacle and are still imo . I honestly wouldn`t bother attempting to get a statement , the very same issues were had on other forums I`ve been on with them and they ain`t got any better .
     As I recall from another bands email about "issues" is that Sandbag have a deal in place where they host the site/forum (and fees etc) but they sweep up the merchandise pages as payback , perceivably a "win-win" scenario ....meanwhile back in reality 
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  • I'm beginning to savour the box set, at long last. It was actually delivered yesterday but not to my house. It was left on the back step of a neighbour in a parallel block and it was only today that she was able to let me know that she had it. Thank goodness for decent neighbours.

    So far, I've played the vinyl album which sounds rich & warm (not a pop or crackle to be heard). The book is lovely to hold and to slowly turn the pages. Some beautiful, evocative photos. Funnily enough, the one that had the biggest impact on me was the brick wall & tree. I can't help thinking that it's around this environment that Laurel's tragedy is playing out.

    I was going to leave the rest until later but couldn't resist listening to 'Lee'. Which I adore. The piano refrain is stuck in my head after just one listen. Should it have had a place on the album? My thoughts are that ToU has just the right number of songs. I much prefer 'Lee' to 'Simone' I must admit but where to place it on the album? I might  experiment with playlists one of these days.

    Needless to say, I was very happy with the signed print & certificate of authentication (number 281) :)
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  • See I'm the same Pineapple, ordered it after the time for signing (late August) and live in the UK. Again not worried about a signature, just want it here in time for Christmas!

  • i'm really hoping everyone else gets there box before the Christmas holiday :(  dare i say that Alvar Live in Manchester 4:44-4:50 is not her inner kate bush arising .......wow...repeated a bit at 5:09......
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  • ^^^
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  • My certification was order number 0599 so %%- so if it was the first 600 that were signed I was phenomenally jammy!
  • well, mines currently waiting at mom's so ill be opening it on christmas day :)
  • I got the shipping email on Wednesday oh god where is itttttttt

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  • Has yours, Pineapple?

  • Mine still has not. Sandbag should look up the words NEXT DAY DELIVERY and COURIER.
    Don't get me wrong: I love Goldfrapp and I love this album so much (especially Clay that I can just listen to over and over and over again: it's a masterpiece) but I am going away tomorrow: so if the box arrives 6 weeks later than intended in the week I am not there I can pretty much wave it goodbye because my neighbours steal packages they find interesting in size.
    Ever since the shipping confirmation I've cleared out my schedule and sat here waiting. Like a lab rat. #strictmachine

    LOL. It's precisely 6 months and one whole week since my original order date. Whoa! Patience IS a virtue.
    It's a nice thing they let us download the album upon regular release from the order page so we could listen to it though: I don't feel like we 'missed out'.
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    'cos Kiyu's copy is here. 

    Edition 1003. Suh-weet.
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