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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • I'd also point out that the DVD was only ever originally listed as the 5.1 version(s) in the initial store run down. Nothing about there being any video on there at all. It's our expectations that the Manc gigs or the film or whatever would be great to have on there - not like they ever promised this then pulled it away.

    The lovely Mr Sausa.....er...Tweety had this thought for the contents too:-

    tweety said:

    ..........and it seems that the use of gig footage is not confirmed. the extra disc is just the album in 5.1. is that right?

    Yes, I'd have also loved one of the two gigs in full on there but it's just one of those things - it was never listed and isn't on it. That's fair, really, in the grand scheme of things.
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  • If all of the album films were added as well as C-Tune, I'd have next to no complaints. 

  • Tiny bit disappointed. But that's just me wanting to relive those Manchester shows.
    Hope we get a chance to see those recordings some day.

    Agree with Carpy that it's still the box I decided to order.
    It's an awesome album, I'm really happy I'm going to have this special edition.
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  • Hi all! I'm relatively quiet around here but a huge Gfrapp fan. I want to add that a 5.1 version of an album is great fun if you have a surround sound system! Takes a fave record to a whole new level. Freaks the cats out, though. $100 worth of fun? No, but I'm pleased w/what's announced so far and hopeful for all 5 films. And this book...! We know Allison's quite the photographer, after all!

  • Danick said:


    anyway ;)

    it occurs to me that only listing drew and annabel (so far) might just be hiding which videos are forthcoming. it doesn't make any sense not to have all 5 included. i'm sure it will.

    also the notice says "will include" not "consists of." i agree w/ those saying there'll be more to come. idk, it doesn't really bother me since i haven't ordered the box and likely will never own it, but i think people are jumping the gun slightly with their disappointment

    aw who am i kidding, people will be disappointed when it doesn't include ten hours of recordings of alison's vocal exercises :P
  • ickygerm said:

    Danick said:


    anyway ;)

    I stand corrrected.
  • no malice intended though! :)
  • ^
    None taken. There was a winking smiley, after all! Isn't that the universal symbol for, "It's all good, brother"? Anyway...
  • Hope there is more £65.00+£10.00p+p is alot of money..... :-w
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • Danick said:

    None taken. There was a winking smiley, after all! Isn't that the universal symbol for, "It's all good, brother"? Anyway...

    thought i'd make sure. last thing i want is to create drama!

    anyway, indeed. how 'bout that lee? lee could be about anyone or anything. lee is the universal name; it seems like virtually every language has a version of it, doesn't it?
  • ickygerm said:

    how 'bout that lee? lee could be about anyone or anything. lee is the universal name...

    Good point! I'll have to wait to meet Lee to see what I think of Lee. I wonder if Lee just didn't quite fit in with the rest of the gang? I doubt I'll be disappointed, whatever Lee's story is. I'm looking forward to seeing the live bits as well since I'm across the pond from the majority of the performances. Hopefully Lee will wander around the States a wee bit more than just NYC. I hope that falls into another of those ambiguous "more details to come" areas.
  • No complaints over here :) I was expecting the bonus CD to only consist of live recordings but the fact that we're getting an actual bonus track really makes me excited!

     The 'more to come' idea does make sense but if there isn't any more to come it will still be magnificent!
  • I'm not disappointed, as I saved my money for a trip to NYC next week.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • two words......MOOG MIX......makes the entire purchase worth it..... :)
  • You're a nutjob, Mr Knevil!
    If I were dead, could I do this?

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