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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • ping said:

    They're saying there's more to come.

    Edit: I've got my fingers crossed for the rest of the films

    I don't see anything about more to come on the CD or DVD, i see them saying they'll send "news and photographs", which to me means updates on the manufacturing of it, not on additional content.

  • Got my email this afternoon.
    One query though. If you get the CD from Amazon it states 20 page booklet with it. Now does this come with the CD that's with the deluxe version too OR is this seperate to the 40 page hardback book that's with the deluxe???
    Phew, hope that makes sense? 8-}
  • If I'm honest I'me not surprised that the full film isn't on the DVD - I imagined it might well be the 5.1 version of the album (something many people want for each release) and that is indeed what they've done. I'd imagine the full film may get some sort of release down the line - to have it only in the box set and nowhere else would limit the number of people who'd get to see it, outside of its limited cinema release of course.

    As to the CD - I'm glad Wiiiiiiill's got his Moogs out. That interests me as much as an extra new track.

    In order to please everybody the box would have needed an album cd, a remix cd, a live cd, a live dvd, a film dvd and a 5.1 dvd. Whichever they put in or took out would please some and annoy others.

    Of all the things listed it's still the book I bought the box for as much as anything else.
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  • I presume the "Moog Remix" is Goldfrapp themselves?? Can't wait to hear both new manifestations!!!
  • LolliCruz said:

    I presume the "Moog Remix" is Goldfrapp themselves?? Can't wait to hear both new manifestations!!!

    I must admit that I'm only assuming it'll be Will - just seems to make sense based on his love of them and the duo doing a lot of this 'in house' for the TOU era.
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    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • LolliCruz said:

    I presume the "Moog Remix" is Goldfrapp themselves??

    i hope so as well. i've always preferred their versions to virtually every remix (except maybe the ewan pearson ones) so yeah i really hope this is true. when was the last time they remixed their own work? strict machine we are glitter?
  • Davide's Believer reinterpretation.

    Sugar coat things how you please, fact is if thats it then we're paying through the nose for not one but two incomplete by a good margin collections of material.
  • Well, you don't have to buy it if you don't want, I'm still looking forward to it, sugar and all! :)
  • I DO want it, i want it to be worth the asking price, i don't want to be given a third of the content available with the reasoning being just because :-q
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  • I'm just happy there's a new track hahaha

  • I'm happy with it, as a limited edition item, it'll obviously have a high cost to it to make but that's neither here or there to me , it'll have a "new shiny thing" tactileness to it (rubbing my cheek on it and purring like a cat) . I'm happy with what I am getting within the boxy thingy and not looking at what I'm not getting.
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  • rewak said:

    Disappointed that there's only 1 new track. Disappointed that the full Manchester show (at least the Tales portion) isn't included. Disappointed that only 2 of the 5 films are on the DVD. Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed.


    - Why not include all videos? Lord knows I paid close to € 100,00 for it. And it's released later. Time enough to run the videos at cinemas before collecting them in the (VERY expensive) Deluxe Box.
    - Why not include C-Tune as well? Where did it disappear off to? There will be no singles.. no C-Tune then.

    This box as is is seriously worth half the asking price.
    I am glad there is at least Lee. In my case I guess compared to the regular edition I paid about € 90,- for one non album track I hoped for.
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  • People seem to be forgetting the vinyl, the normal cd, the 40 page book, the print etc. The bonus cd is only one part of the deluxe set and the dvd one other part. The cost is for all of it.

    Although the disc contents were not known we all knew the basic breakdown of the full package and made a choice to buy blind or not. If you were only bothered about the bonus disc(s) or wanted some specific thing on the dvd then there was always a chance you may or may not get that thing. That was the choice in ordering early, late or not at all.

    I'm not defending or excusing what is or isn't in it as what I wanted from it is most likely not what others wanted (a nice package and a gorgeous book and I'll be v happy) but I am saying that we chose to slap money down blind and that's on our individual heads.

    If you've pre-ordered and you don;t like what contents you're seeing or you perceive the cost/value ratio to not meet what you were expecting then cancel your order. No cost. No disappointment. No losers.

    To the avoidance of doubt, that's not all said in any sort of sarcastic or off-hand tone but more a verbal shrug of thinking outloud.
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  • HolyOwl said:

    I personally think this is the content SO FAR. So there will hopefully be all the others films on that DVD and more tracks on that Bonus Disc. Otherwise where's the sense in creating a DVD/CD with only about 5 tracks on it?

    As they say there will be more updates soon. It's still being compiled and created as we speak.
    Here's hoping. ;)

    You're so right. Alot of people seemed to have missed the line in the email stating there will be FUTURE UPDATES AND NEWS. It would be simply senseless to not include all 5 videos on the dvd. Remember these were shot ages ago before we even knew the album's name. There's more planned... I can feel it.

    Personally I feel that we'll get the Manchester show video on the dvd if not song clips. There was a proper reason for those cameras to be there. Personally I'm thankful for the B-side (Lee), as well as high quality audio of the Manc. shows. 

    Stay tuned Frappers, and be thankful that Alison and co. were kind enough to assemble this special treat for us loyal fans. :o)

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