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  • Hi Hells, its all going very well thanks. The school is developing at a phenomenal rate and Im proud to say that Im now working for officially the best school of its kind in England and Wales. Its got plans to specialise further in the near future but I can't say more.
    We are both well and happy. Catherine is thinking about teaching in Japan next year for a year or 2 and maybe Africa too. Not a reflection on our relationship, just her insatiable wanderlust which I have no right to compromise. If it happens then I plan to move at least 3 dogs and an alpaca in, plus a micro pig in the bath (thats our secret). 
    Always up for a meet up in Stammy- you've got my number, just give us some notice!

  • Crikey.... did I last post in October?! Shit the bed!
    Well an awful lot has happened... work wise it's been more than full on and its been exhausting, but all is well there. On the last day of term I came thru my front door and burst into tears with exhaustion / stress, but Ive had a fortnight "off" so I guess Im ready for Round 2 tomorrow. Catherine has got a new FT job too and also starts tomorrow so plans for foreign travel are on hold.
    I haven't been on here not only because I've been consumed by work, but I've had 2 months of continual illness and injury - first, the flu; then an injury at work; then norovirus; then a broken rib after a nasty fall. It prevented me going to see family at Christmas so that was a bit miserable for me, being home alone, but at least I got P and Q. It'll take a few more weeks to heal. On top of that Im looking at a shoulder op this year as it's damaged. So my mood has been pretty stressed / low and I've cut myself off from most things for a while. Apologies.
    I'll try to keep my finger in as it were! 
    PS Brexit Bollox - enough to send anyone with any sense into a deep depression.
  • I think your New Year's resolution should be a Spa day once a week- warm bath with essential oil by candlelight with glass of wine (in a plastic wine glass, in case it falls in) all while listening to soft piano. Then your girl can give you a nice, deep oil massage, focusing on your painful areas until you drift off into blissful sleep. You two should make time to do that for each other once a week, on weekends perhaps.
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