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  • It is so nice, S, to finally have someone on this page that likes this kinda stuff.  I find it all fascinating.  Who needs to understand?  I just like the sense of awe some of it engenders.

    But, really?  Buying property on the moon sounds like some sort of scam.  I mean, getting a name for a star was a pretty cool idea.  I doubt the name gets logged anywhere's of importance but, still, just a sweet gesture .  Nice as a birthday present or something but no expectation that you could ever live there.

    Can you imagine tumbling through space?  How cool!

    I just love the folks that think we are going to live, self-sustained, on some other planet, like Mars, in the foreseeable future.  That is just so cute.
  • Aww thankyou. That's very kind of you.
  • I wonder if Alison has received any mail or weird items. She hasn't said. Ponygurl wanted to send her a painting but its probably too large to get through the letterbox lol.

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