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  • Nope sorry I think you'll find that I'll actually say what i like. Im pretty sure she can handle many an opinion. And as for politeness? In my book politeness isn't something you dish out freely. Especially when the person in question wasn't friendly in the first place?

    Be polite to me and I'll be polite back. Simples.
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  • I remember back in the day chasing Prince all around Chanhassen, because of my sister. He had invited her up on stage to dance a couple of songs with him at the Fox Theater, and that was it. She was completely obsessed. I was a teenager and it was kind of exciting. We ended up partying with him and the house band at Glam Slam. I was underage and star struck..I couldn't even look at him. Thankgod we didn't end up stalking him to his house! That's messed up! R.I.P dear Prince.

    Years ago I went to all the places in London that Alison said she went to. This was way before anyone knew she was gay, but I did. I'm pretty sure I did want to fuck her way back then, but I killed that thought in my head. I didn't think it was healthy to be thinking like that. Sometimes though, the more you try to push something out of your head, the opposite happens. I guess a healthy, happy relationship is the best way to cure any obsession.

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  • Politeness is something I dish out freely ( don’t always meet with the same reaction back, sadly). If everyone waited then no one would be polite and there’d be anarchy. Seems to be exactly the way the world is going.
    I tittered at your comment Iuv for its raw honesty....on a deep dark Freudian level. Happily, most of us can go about our business wielding the sword of good manners and the shield of self-righteousness, ha ha ha!
    ( the Brexit t-shirt did loosen something in me tho!!) :-))
  • This demand for politeness/respect as a condition for giving it seems to be a major Millennials issue. Somewhere along the line, they misinterpreted the idea of being worthy of respect from others as a pre-condition for behaving in a civilized manner. I'm all for irreverence (and with humor when possible); we need to break down the dated standards of acceptable behavior--false modesty & avoiding what's real. By all means, speak your mind. But in someone's home? Really now!
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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I think with youth, there's more sensitivity. It took me years to build up a thick skin from the comments of rude people. It's a process that comes with age I believe. I don't think anybody likes being talked down to though.

    @serenity I like that you give what you get. I think it's important for women to speak their mind if they feel slighted. I used to keep things inside and become resentful, which is never good.

    I'd like to send Alison a painting I did, but it's kinda big. Not sure it would safely make the journey.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • This is not a #TimesUp moment.

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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • In the past 2 months I've been let down by about 3 guys and a female mate of mine is starting to behave quite selfishly. Supposed to have gone on a night out but she cancelled on me. I get the impression she didn't feel like it.

    That' why I said I don't dish out miss niceaspie as freely as I used to. I used to act super sweet with guys on a first date. Now I just give them the death stare Lol!!!
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  • What I'm feeling right now is a big massive mound of collective disappointment in everyone and everything. Listening to Goldfrapp over the years helps me to sort of zone out and get rid of this on going frustration. So when I tried to reach out and take the courage to communicate with Alison it wasn't as expected. Ok I know my sense of humour with the tweet was a bit of a marmite thing (you either laugh at it or you dont). Thought she would find it funny. 

    On a side note, i have never ever tried to contact a celebrity. It's something I've never had the nerve to do and not going there again.
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  • Ditto what Ponygurl said above.
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  • Jesus H Christ. what happened to this forum...?
  • Ah, you've been away Cookie and Low. There are cobwebs and dust everywhere. It needs a good spring clean.
    Anyway, Will Gregory Moogs are doing a thang at the Barbican on 12th May. I have tix and they are only £15.
    In the absence of any Frapp for the moment, anyone else up for this? Go on, come and see Mr Gregory !
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  • What's not happened to it is the question? 

    It was never meant to be conventional.
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  • Oh and there a chick called Martha who is ginger and foolish? Something like that? I think she drank too much ginger tea and passed out?
  • Well I haven't sent my fan mail yet, but I ordered these paper napkins to send to Allison. Reminds me of the 7th Tree era. I love that she's been connecting with the fans more lately. (FB live video..interactions at live shows..fan mail..gold snapp etc.) 

  • Wow where'd you get them from?

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