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Goldfrapp Fan Mail Address
  • Goldfrapp posted an address for us all to send fan mail!

    Fascination Management, 6 South Hill Park, London, NW3 2SB

    What will you be sending?! I've got some napkins saved up for Alison haha. 
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  • Well... naturally it's gonna be something special from Boots.

    OBVIOUSLY!! I think I'm gonna actually do this and wait for shit to blow up!! :))
  • I've got the perfect thing. I'm going to send her an angry birds napkin. She will totally get it.

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  • Aww, think positively!

  • Nah rather not. Just don't feel comfortable anyway with it. I don't know her. I'd rather stay anonymous.

    However I do really wanna know if she comes on here under a fake pseudonym and reads all my posts!!

  • If I was her, I would. You do not have to post; just stalk in the long grass watching for a lame one to chase and pull down.

    Setting: Serenity's bedroom. It's late and dark, and a thunderstorm is brewing outside.
    Suddenly, there's a flash from a lightning strike behind the curtains which lights the room momentarily like an old bulb flashlight.
    Caught in the sudden, momentary burst, Serenity see a figure silhouetted at the foot of the bed, curly golden tresses with one arm stretched up above its head with what looks like a foot long object in the hand.
    The object glints !!
    It clearly has 'Boots' engraved in the blade.
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Lol!!! Where's my holy water???

    Continuation of story- Serenity grabbed a set of rosary beads by the side of her bed and starting to chant out a prayer of safety. Suddenly the blade drops to the floor and the figure smiles at her and says "I like you, your hilarious. But never piss me off or I will blow your bedroom up! Is that a deal?"

    "Sure thing", Serenity said. The figure shook Serenitys hand and suddenly disappeared leaving a trail of rainbow dust. 
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  • Once the rainbow dust settles, you notice a disk on the floor, labeled "Silver Eye B-Sides"...

    ahh wishful thinking. 

  • Sweet. :)>-

    Well... doesn't gave to be wishful thinking. I could do it for real. Hehe!! (Once I've had about 4 alcoholic drinks)
  • She probably just thinks Get Over It Girlfriend. Or something like that.
  • The THING is Kat... I took it QUITE personally at the time. Especially coming from a famous person. I'm over it. She needs to realise that the way she acts can be interpreted in that way. 
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  • I think she chooses her words very carefully and isn’t the most verbose celeb anyway, which I like. I’d hate to be famous, every word scrutinised...no thank you. No one listens to me, which is a little irritating lol, but probably preferable!
  • If i was famous...well things would get very interesting to say the least. I'd have my own personal hairstylist, and body masseur on standby. I'd also have my own portable gold plated portaloo and diamond encrusted loo roll. :))
  • You know, I've never really thought of her as famous. I guess I see her in a different context. She's said and done some questionable things over the years, like she speaks too quickly out of reaction..instead of thinking about the effect it may have on someone, esp. someone who loves her. We often don't see things how they are, but how we are. As I've said before, fame is an illusion..a tailored and perfected projected image. I often don't relate to someone just how they look, but how they make me feel.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Well when I say famous she is more out there in celeb land than we are. She has a lot of fans on facebook, Twitter and instagram. She has been on TV shows and tours around the UK and beyond. I am quite undecided about Alison as a person, I'm sorry to say. 
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  • From what I've seen I think she can be a bit emotional, fiery and can fly off the handle. But at the same times I can see that she does have a heart and does care. I can see what your saying that at times she reacts too quickly and harshly?
    The problem with social media is interpretation. 
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