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  • PML.....I’ve just received a Red Card warning and told that a Spam Block has been put on my account for posting 4 times in 60 seconds or something!!!! Help! I’m being crushed by a giant offal fritter!!! At least they haven’t drawn the beef curtains on me ( yikes....don’t start UT off again!)
  • Crushed by a Spam Block. I have FEELINGS you know.
  • I kind of feel like Alison has lobbed a giant tin of Jellied pig cheeks at me. I hope I’m wrong and she’s got better things to do.
  • Anyway....I’m over it. And MY TIME IS UP! come in number KR!
  • She was aiming for me wasn't she? I've never received a spam block.

    Woah slow down...what's happening?
  • Help!!!!!{ I’m in manic mode!!! I need more Rum!!!
  • Oh it's just Kat being drunk... again! Or have you been eating magic mushrooms?
  • I wish I could post a picture of myself laughing like mad cow right now.
  • Are you being serious though? What account? Twitter?

    Kat what have you done!!!
  • That’s defamation of character that is! First I’ve been Spammed and now slandered! You know, we seem to be propping this forum up Serenity ( sometimes anyway). I suspect you’re too young to remember that ales Dawson sketch, with Roy Barraclough? Google it and you’ll see what I mean ( pushes bosom up).
  • Your actually scaring me...What has actually happened? Defamation of character?

    Huh? On here? By Who?
    What? When? Where? Why?

  • Dawson's Creek? And why are you pushing up your

    Ok never mind. Your are SO drunk lady!!
  • No love, I’m just showing my age. Go to You Tube and search for Les Dawson / Roy Barraclough sketches and all will become clear.
  • www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/roy-barraclough-dead-dies-died-coronation-street-actor-and-les-dawson-comedy-aged-81-a7766551.html%

    Somebody save me on here!! This is a plea for mercy!!
  • My hand is all a quivering. I'm actually having 360 degree stomach rotations. :))

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