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Lifehacks- for home, health, personal care.
  • I love lifehacks- recipes, remedies, potions and conditions using ingredients and natural resources instead of using synthetic ingredients.

    Do any of you have your very own used and approved lifehack.

    If anyone has got a back for spotty blemish skin PLEASE tell me as I've gone through just about everything to no avail!

    I actually do go out make-up free during the say which is brave for me to be honest to give my skin a breather.
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  • *I was meant to say if anyone has got a back for spotty blemish prone skin (not a back!!)

    Bloody phone doing auto predict again!!
  • Hack!! Not back. I've started shouting at my phone now!! Stupid thing!!
  • Good god, yes.  I use hydrogen peroxide instead of toothpaste and am certain it does a much better job.  Actually, I discovered that while in England one time.

    I eat a small portion of ginger root for joint ache and haven't had any joint aches in ages.  It's an anti-inflammatory.  There are plenty of other foods that do the same.

    I take 500 mg a day of niacinimide for a lot of reasons.  I used to have heart palpitations: gone.  It is also an incredible mood stabilizer.  It helps with joints ... basically, there's a lot of reasons and I forget most of them but you can find details online.

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  • Concerning the skin blemish stuff, I'm sure you've tried Nivena and some type of suntan lotion (at a very high SPF).  Of course, suntan lotion is usually so powerful smelling, maybe not.  And, of course, that kind of defeats the idea of not wearing make-up, I guess.
  • Right..im going to ask a very civilised question. (Don't laugh!) Have you tried charcoal activated toothpaste? I was a bit late joining the party on it, but succumbed to it.

    It tasted like an ashtray but teeth do feel a lot cleaner. As for whiter not entirely convinced.

    Ah Ginger...well I love Ginger Biscuits, Ginger Chocolates. Ginger has been used for pharmaceutical and medical purposes harking back to the very early centuries I believe. It detoxifies the body and im all for anything that cleans out the body.

    Funnily enough i have a penchance for strong mints (trebor) etc, pickled onions (I can eat them like sweets), tomatoes (love them), and cheese. Oh Lord do I love cheese. Cheddar cheese, red Leicester, camembert, roule, boursin.

    I'm always on the cheese at Christmas time!
  • The thing is that what gets in your mouth to destroy your teeth and your gums is the bacteria in your stomach.  Stomach bacteria is all anaerobic, which means it can't handle oxygen.  Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen and kills anearobic bacteria.  I haven't even had to have my teeth cleaned since I started using it more than a decade ago.  Oh, and it also whiten the teeth.  I believe it is the same stuff used to bleach hair - peroxide, right?  Right on the bottle it should say something like cleans teeth (I can't remember the exact phrase).  Oh, and most important is to clean your whole mouth, especially on the cheeks around the gums and the tongue because of all the 'grooves'.  Both can hide anaerobic bacteria from oxygen when you breathe.  It's also why the mouth can have a strong smell in the morning - no oxygen gets in the mouth with the mouth closed all night.  It's like a factory for anaerobic bacteria at night.

    Hmmm, not sure it's the same stuff as in Ginger Cookies.  It sure tastes different.  Spicy!  Most of the anti-inflammatory foods are spicy, like cayenne pepper.

    Ouuu, love a good cheese.  Some of my favorites are bleu, brie, camembert, and gruyere.  Camembert is dreamy.  I like American cheese, also, for a sandwich.  It's funny.  I had to learn to appreciate a sharp tasting cheese but, now, I love them.  I don't know why but I feel like cheese would go very well with tea (or vice versa).  Don't even know what trebor is.  Have you ever had a tomato that was picked ripe from the vine?  I was shocked at the difference in taste.  Yeah, I eat tomatoes almost every day (not picked ripe).  I can't say I've ever had pickled onions, either but I love pickled pigs feet (really.  it's a cajun thing), and kalamta olives.  Oh, a crazy good salad I dreamed up used kalamata olives, bleu cheese, mustard and a bunch of other stuff.

    So, if you love chocolate, you must love ganache and truffes.  Talk about dreamy.
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  • Huh.  I guess ginger root and ginger are the same thing.
  • Turmeric-Ginger Dandelion Tea Latte

    1 Tbsp roasted dandelion root
    1 tsp ground turmeric
    1/2 tsp ground, or minced fresh, ginger
    1/4 tsp ground black, or long, pepper
    Unsweetened almond, coconut, or rice milk
    Raw honey

    Simmer dandelion over low heat for 20 minutes. Add turmeric, ginger, and pepper; steep for 10 minutes. Flavor with almond milk & honey

    For a thicker, creamier winter drink, you can make your decoction with the almond or coconut milk.

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  • Tumeric is good for joints, also.

    Mmmm, there's one more I should mention, though I won't go into details.  If someone is looking for alternative cancer cures, you might want to look into mushrooms.  Some mushrooms have some pretty powerful ... potential.
  • You're supposed to take turmeric with black pepper to aid in assimilation or some manner of effectiveness. I prefer long pepper, as it has a richer, broader aroma. The ratio is 4:1 (generally 1 tsp to 1/4 tsp).

    I make a double-extracted mushroom blend of chaga, reishi, shiitake, and maitake. It's technically probably more of a tincture.
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  • The more I deal with niacinamide, the more I think about how self-medication is tricky.  Or, maybe, it's just for anything that comes in a bottle rather than growing in the earth.  With niacinamide, I'm questioning more and more the dosage.  I don't think one could overdose on ginger root, for instance.  I'm starting to think that 500 mg a day is too much.  Being one who has always had to push the limits, I've gone up to 3 grams a day, nearing the limits of toxicity.  But, even at 500 mg, I feel like it is too much.  So, now, since that's one pill, I have to try taking a pill every other day or third day.  Maybe it's just my simple mind, but that seems just so ...  ummm, untidy?
  • There are food sources of niacinamide.
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  • I'm guessing it would take a lot to get into the 100's of milligrams?
  • Perhaps less would be as good if it were coming from food sources.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • It looks like the body makes niacinamide from niacin; so, I'm not sure that eating niacin rich foods would ever provide the mega doses of niacinamide you want. The body would probably just wash the rest out after making an adequate supply of niacinamide.
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    If I were dead, could I do this?

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