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  • Really? Why does Alison hate garden furniture so much!! I didn't get how the chair fitted into it. They should have buried him in the sand, and Alison runs over to rescue him digging him out with her own fair hand. Or something like that.

    I actually found the part where Alison is lying on his back a bit funny. Then he appears to chuck her over or is that was my dodgy vision?

    I saw no "balls" of any description in the video. All very nearly preserved.

    Yeah what are these green eggs that he spits out? A baby alien?
  • I saw no "balls" of any description in the video. All very nearly preserved.  

    When he bends down to break the chair you get a quick peek. haha  :O ;)
  • I thought Alison looked so amazing! loved the use of color in this video :)
  • Isn't the metaphor of running through an endless landscape fairly simple and song appropriate? Anyhow, I don't know whether to watch it again, join the priesthood, or start up a new Grindr account. *shivers*
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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I thought Alison looked so amazing! loved the use of color in this video :)

    Alison who? *still drooling*
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Alison responded to a tweet about the chair "a callback to Lovely Head's video?" with:

    "more of a continuing theme...I'm obsessed with them"
  • I don't think B&Q will be too happy...
  • Had Alison reacted to it yet?

    Even better- stick the Boots logo on it!! Kill 2 evils in one go!!

    Mwah ha ha haaaaaa. She's gonna hate me now.
  • I want that naked man in calender form. A butt for September, a butt for October. Hell yeah. I'm not hormonal or anything...
  • Haha no, she hasn't reacted to it yet. doubt she will tho. who knows. 

    I did have a few twitter interactions with her before. One was after her cat died and she wasn't posting "Feline Friday" pics anymore and she just got her dog Maus. I tweeted "what about Maus Mondays?". She sent me a direct message that said "haha very good"... I need to print it out and frame it lol. 

    Another time she tweeted about how she didn't like a photo series that showed women looking like they committed suicide. I tweeted that it reminded me of the Human album art where you just see her legs and red shoes in the mud. She tweeted back that those images were from a project with Anna Fox from before the album came out. Not that exciting but some cool insight to the album art. 
  • Hmm.... She didn't block you off Twitter then for expressing an opinion? Your lucky.

    The naked guy in the video was un systematic according to me doing a bit of googling.

    His instagram is full of naked pictures with a little box protecting his modesty. He certainly likes to wear no clothes and apparently he erm... loves sex.

    I bet he does.
  • Christian- I dare you to send her that gif you made to her. Stick the boots logo on it.

    Then sit back and wait for an explosion.
  • LOL nope! I'm not joining the blocked club!