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next single: Ocean or Everything is Never Enough?
  • Feel like EiNE would yield better radio results and possibly (yup I love remixes) better remixes ;)
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  • I think it's Ocean as she said there will be a video.
  • i'd also pick Everything is Never Enough. Ocean is great but not the right pick for a single.

    That said, based on what seems like a total lack of interest/investment from the label, I doubt a third single will happen.
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  • I'm in a real quandary when it comes to this album.  The whole thing reminds me of Deep Honey, which is a good thing.  That was the first song I ever heard by Goldfrapp and is just intriguing.  Very chill.  But, no single song stands out for me as 'omigod'.  Maybe needs more listening.  The limitations on my listening were completely out of my control.  It was controlled by a force greater than me.  Still is, actually.
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  • "Become the one"

  • A man heard that we will be getting "Ocean" ANNND "Everything is never enough" music videos.
  • Any updates on when we will be presented with the ocean music video?

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