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  • Kat were you online at 3 in the morning again!! That's the witching hour you know! b-(
  • Possibly, I Frapp in my sleep. Actually, I’m prob on here 24/7 as I always forget to sign out, how remiss!
  • 3 am is normally the time I scavenge for a banana in desperation. And before anyone turns that into something lewd ( 8-| ) remember it’s for the tryptophan.
  • I can eat a banana any time of day.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • KatRobin said:

    3 am is normally the time I scavenge for a banana in desperation. And before anyone turns that into something lewd ( 8-| ) remember it’s for the tryptophan.

    Cherries may be better Kat, as they contain melatonin. Bananas are prob easier to find though, esp. this time of year.
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  • Dark, sweet cherries.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • They're very healing.
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  • That’s why we planted a cherry tree last year. Going to take a while to bear fruit and it’s got to withstand these wind storms first which have already claimed a lot of our hedging and my bee-house clematis-covered Tree :-((
  • I got a problem with bunnies eating my tree-lings. I had two nice Fuji Apple started from seed that were chewed down to the root! I have a nice Avocado that's a couple feet tall that I started from a pit. I keep trying cherries, no luck yet.

    I'd really love to have one of these- It's a 40 fruit tree! Maybe I'll graft my own some day-

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  • Frapping 

    Can we add that word to the British Urban slang thread. It's a new type of night-time rapping. Boyakasha!
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  • We used to have a pond in the back garden in my parents house until one day my mom was outside pegging something on the line and saw a frog. My mom can't stand frogs at all and was traumatised by her two brothers who threw frogs at her as a child. So the pond had to go. She can't even hold a toy frog without freaking.

    The previous occupants were BLOODY obsessed with frogs. Frog statues, frog souvenirs. It was a frog infestation.

    It's funny because I can handle frogs but no way in hell can I handle spiders. I'm telling you now. If I lived in Australia I wouldn't last an hour with the wildlife they have there.

  • I handled a poor dying rat last night. C arrived home and ran into the house screaming about a hedgehog out on the road (!), which of course would be very odd in January, but there I was, dashing out in my dressing gown, searching the road in the light of her headlamps ( a bit Tales Of Us album cover, minus the glamorous look), only to find it was a fat rat expiring. Poor thing squeaked at me so I had to lay it in the hedgerow. It’s a good job we have no neighbours!
  • Not sure what that has to do with Enya but being rescued by a wraith in a white gown might have been a bit Enya-sequence to a dying rodent.
  • I can just imagine the scene. Enya's also doing the rounds at my school in our chillaxing sensory sessions.

    Oh and I'm also a member of the school choir. I'm TOTALLY loving it. We are currently rehearsing a Bob Marley song for Valentine's Day.

    Reggae!! :))
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  • @kat aw, I hate when that happens. I've moved a turtle or two off roadways. I now declare you Saint KatRobin keeper of Roadside Rodents.
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