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  • Are there any Enya fans on here?

    I have to say that I find her to be a very distinctive and unusual artist but similarly to Goldfrapp, she is careful in regards to who she collaborates with as for her the musical process of composition is so important to her.

    She has a distinctive floaty spiritual sound, and doesn't crave fame or fortune. Despite not touring she has amassed to a great fortune.

    I still listen to Orionco Flow, Echoes in the Rain, and Amarantine.

    Just beautiful music.
  • The cult of personality around her is almost deified, and her insular nature (and I don't just mean eschewing the press) contributes to that. Supposedly that was all the idea of Nicky Ryan, but she does seem to be a private person all the same (nothing wrong with that).

    None of that really bothered me until she started the Loxian thing with Roma. No matter what, creating her own language to sing in just comes off as pretentious; at least when it's not a side project, but featured in her main work.

    Those are the faults I find. Otherwise, I'm quite a fan, and have quite a few of her releases. I listen to her on a weekly basis (Storms In Africa II is arguably my favorite single from her).

    As for comparisons, despite her Celtic music roots (Clannad), and WEA marketing her as New Age since day one, her music is heavily based based on synths. That's why she's so accessible to those who like synthpop and new wave, and while alternative radio embraced her far more than mere "Lite FM" formats alone.
  • I remember listening to her as a teen. Yeah, she does have that New Age Spiritual sound. Makes you wanna sit around a fire at night and delve into your Celtic roots (with a glass of wine preferably, or mead :D)
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  • Yeah, from a wax-coated carton in the fridge.
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  • Pass the Cheez Its!
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Oh, yes, Serenity, she's done some very fine stuff indeed.  I kinda consider her the one that kicked off 'Chill' music trend.  She's pretty amazing, really.  She just went a totally different direction from the status quo.
  • The Irish are well known for being different and a bit mad.

    Sinead O'Connor reportedly keeps her head shaved because of people saying 'are you Enya?' when she has had longer hair.

    You would have thought that the tattoo's would be a give away sign?

    It's even more amazing that she is so wealthy yet never tours.

  • @serenity52 "The Irish are well known for being different and a bit mad."

    Yes, I remember after kissing the Blarney Stone the guard then told me every local lad had pissed upon it..but back to Enya. I need her as my mentor. Pretty brilliant thing to be a wealthy singer who doesn't tour. What do you think it is? Must've been a crazy initial marketing campaign-

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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I love that layered, breathy vocal sound so prevalent in music of this origin, be it Enya, The Corrs or Clannad. Seen the Corrs in concert, just to prove I have a soft cuddly side. The emotion in something like the end credits of Harry's Game by Clannad is just breathtaking though.
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  • I think the reason she has been so successful could be because her music is timeless and has been played on Air Lingua flights and was also used in the time of 9/11 so reached over to many continents worldwide to the point where everyone would hear the 'sail away' song.

    I think she has played in very small discreet studios which have been broadcast on TV and YouTube.

    It's the timeless quality of her music that probably gets passed down from generations.
  • I do think it's a shame that she chooses to live a life of solitude in a castle. A beautiful castle nontheless, but she chooses to live her life alone and has a fear of getting married. She said 'If i had a boyfriend he would probably get jealous. Music will always be my love.'

    That actually makes me a bit tearful. To sacrifice finding love for music. I think it's the worry of whether the person really loves you for being you, or your bank account.
  • Very interesting story, Serenity.  It makes me sad for a very different reason as it makes me wonder about something.

    But, yeah, I can understand that both her love of music and distrust of mankind could lead her there.  Not a big leap to trust music more than humans at this point, especially when considering a lifelong love.  I mean really.  Which one is most likely to last a lifetime? ...  Ahhh, goodness, you could get me started philosophizing.  A good heart is hard to find, good music would not be difficult at all for someone like Enya.  Kinda like magic.  Create your own wonderful environment at your fingertips.  I'm just beginning to get a glimmer of what that could be like.  While it could never replace the idea of love for me, it is magnificent in its own way.

    I think that is sad thing about being rich.  It can really confuse a gentle soul.
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  • Ird not just with people like Enya though. In general, I'm starting to find that people don't give live a chance to even start from a tiny seed. Most guys I've had the misfortune to meet want everything now. Fireworks and sparks. Yet they act like douchebags who wouldn't know the first thing about how to impress a woman.

    So yes- what is real love? I don't trust guys at the moment hence I'm single and to be frank, I'm sick and tired of their inane bullshit and pathetic excuses.
  • Oh, believe me, I understand.  Unfortunately, nothing can take the place of that potentially awesome relationship.  Not even music.  At least, for me.  I really get the not trusting, also.  Fifty times burned can make someone a bit shy and, yes, it sure happens to a lo of women.  Ahhh, I can't get into this here.  

    I was always intrigued by the saying, 'life sucks and, then, you die'.  It seems to be a commonly accepted view.  I can't go there either, though.  I've got a stubborn streak a mile wide and am willing to bash my head against the wall of craziness until it comes down in pieces.  I've run into an interesting one lately, though, that just about drove me out of my mind.  I wasn't sleeping well (very unusual for me not to get eight or nine hours) and was just losing it.  It was like a maze of mirrors.  Look in one mirror and see a perfect situation, look in another and convince myself it was all just my own lunacy.  It was not fun.  But, you know, it didn't really change anything.  It did't change how my heart feels.

    Real love, aye?  I could write a book on that subject.  And, not a subject to just take a swing at.  I believe it starts with having complete and utter confidence in oneself and not relying on the other person to give you that confidence.  Then, you can look at the situation in a realistic manner.  Well, I'm talking in riddles, so time to stop.
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  • So, I'm curious, Serenity.  What would you consider a reasonable effort to get a girl's attention?  I despaired in my efforts and am in despair that I couldn't keep the effort up.  A very frustrating situation on so many fronts.  But, most importantly, I feel I might have let her down.  I could knock myself up against the head except for the fact that I was losing my mind in an unrelenting effort that appeared to have no effect.  Not even my most cherished desire which is not the reciprocation that one would normally expect did not suffice, since there seemed to be no resolution.  

    Hahaha!  Sounds like a letter to Dear Abby.
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