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  • Don't forget that Lucifer is American.  You're making a bit much of the English sentiment there.  They pretty much have evil of every persuasion.   And, the baddest of the bad is also pure American.
  • Who is Crowley?
  • He's the King of Hell in Lucifer's absence, played by Mark A. Sheppard and he does a brilliant villain.
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  • Damn, I was going to rave about Dame Maggie Smith but you already mentioned her.  She's done some crazy rolls.  Errr, just to make sure I am not confusing conversations, she's NOT in Supernatural.
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  • I absurdly salute and worship the great Fame Maggie Smith! Isn't she just the most quintessential English actress who eber lived. I saw her in the film 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie', and 'The Lady in the van'. Who could forget her more famous role as Professor McGonagell in Harry Potter. Splendid actress.

    Dame Judy Dench is another fine actress. The likes of Geoffrey Rush, Jeremy Irons, Gwynetth Paltrow were very powerful actors and were very much the A list stars a few years ago. Not forgetting Kate Winslet's and Leobardo Di Caprio's powerful performances in Titanic. I still love that film- it still makes my heart sink when i watch it. All the grandeur and utter snobbery of the first class. It didn't get them anywhere with the boasts that 'this ship can't sink'.

    Boy were they wrong on that one. Interestingly 8 watched a documentary and they managed to find some old pictures. Using technology they doomed in of a picture of the titanic in the docks with a very odd burn mark near to the side were she split into it.

    There is a new theory which suggests there was a serious fire below deck that couldn't be put out anf burnt right into the steel weakening the bonds in the metal.

    It was the very same area that literally got sliced by the iceberg. That's why the Titanic went down so fast and the water right bunkers filled up within minutes.

    It's very sad to think of that shop lying at the bottom of the Atlantic and the lost souls.

    I appear to have strayed off topic with my musings.

    I feel that cinema and the quality of films in these last few years has been below par.
  • Hey!  I thought it was all on topic!  Well, mostly, anyways.   I think you veered at Kate Winslet.  I did like Titantic.  It was pretty powerful.

    Yah, Jeremy Irons is another one that has done just such a range of movies.  He's in one of my favorites of late, "Beautiful Creatures'.  It just hits me where my heart is.  I tried the book and not so much.  What made me think of Maggie Smith was this crazy movie I saw long ago.  I can't remember the title, something like Mum's The Word or something.  But, she played this sweet, old lady that was crazy and killed anyone that annoyed her.  It was pretty funny.
  • Have you seen My Old Lady- its a little bit odd bit set in France. This man inherits a really old house but little does he know that he also inherits an 'old woman'.

    She also cracked me up in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel playing a Londoner. Her one liners were so sharp.
  • No, I haven't seen either.  I'll have to try to do so.  Love sharp one liners.  It's one of the best parts of Gilmore Girls.
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Wow.  In some weird way it reminds me of The Game with Michael Douglas.  Really, really enyoyed it.
  • Have you watched the second best exotic Marigold hotel? There's also a film too with Helen Mirren who is a French restaurateur who faces still competition over t'road by an Indian restaurant. The French people act racist at first and the poor family struggle against the competition of the 5 star bistro. Eventually one of her chefs leaves to join the Indian restaurant and they start flourishing.

    The conclusion is that bkth restaurants work in harming and unison to bring together French and Indian cuisine.
  • It's called The Hundred Foot Journey

    Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) is an extraordinarily talented and largely self-taught culinary novice. When he and his family are displaced from their native India and settle in a quaint French village, they decide to open an Indian eatery. However, Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), the proprietress of an acclaimed restaurant just 100 feet away, strongly objects. War erupts between the two establishments, until Mallory recognizes Kadam's impressive epicurean gifts and takes him under her wing.
  • I will try The Hundred Foot Journey, if I can find it at my local store.  I hate ordering online (just my oldness showing, I guess), but I might.  I'm a bit baffled, though.  Is it in French or supposed to be French, though in English or what?

    I can't quite see how a follow-up to Marigold would work.  Do you think it is worth it?
  • The Hundred Foot Journey is entirely in English as is the dialogue.

    You can always give the second best a go.
  • So, you like the second Marigold as well as the first?

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