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  • Serenity
    Username thread. http://forum.goldfrapp.com/discussion/24/your-goldfrapp-forum-username#Item_155

    First gigs was way down on page 15! It hasn't seen the light of day since 2014. Object here is to disclose the first gig you went to.

    There's a lot of classic stuff down in those early pages.
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
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  • I agree.  Some really awesome actors in the UK.  IThose tragic dramas just kill me.  I've been trying a lot of tragic books lately and, mostly, they just stop me in my tracks.

    Hmmm, I'll think about any good TV dramas but, like I said, above, they aren't really my thing.  Murder mysteries?  Scifi, maybe?
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  • I also love other bands such as Blondie...

    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • So, Serenity, you were asking about American dramas and I've been at a total loss.  It's sad to say, there really aren't any to speak of.  No dramas that can compare to the English or continent's excellence on the subject.   As a friend of mine once told me when we went to see Hamlet, "Now, Mike, you must understand that this is NOT a happy ending."  But, I've run across one show that, astonishingly surprising to me, I like.  It really is drama with high tragedy and everything.  Things don't alway work for the 'good guys'.  The term 'good guys' might not even apply, well-intentioned might be a better description.  It's just that it is set in a fictional world.  I've always despised horror movies and now I know why.  It is all of the people just running around scared silly that always drove me nuts.  They always seemed so helpless.  It is this crazy long running series about demons and monsters that I ran across that I finally had to try (couldn't stand Game of Thrones (book or series), by the way).  I mean, most American series never run past about seven or eight seasons.  This one is on its 12th season and I'm hooked.  Another reason I had to try it was because of an actor, Jared Padelecki, from Gilmore Girls, a show that has always totally embarrassed me because I like it so much.  I'm starting to believe it is due to the very normal American disoriented family life (the series portrays both sides of the coin - the normal idiocy and a more rational approach) that makes it so attractive to many Americans (that and brilliant dialogue).  And, I think that also is part of what initially made Supernatural so interesting to me.  It is a story of two brothers fighting all kinds of supernatural beings, like. Lucifer, demons, vampires, werewolves, armageddon, the darkness, god's sister (serious badass), etc.  It just sounds soooo corny.  It is the closest thing to an American drama.  What's great is that the story line, for me, is really, really creative, both on the relationship between the two brothers and the fictional universe.  There's a bit too much blood and gore for my tastes but, altogether, they keep it in check ... well, to some extent.  But, the supernatural story line is just wild.  The character casting is awesome. They also throw in enough goofiness to keep it from getting too gratingly serious.  And, I think like any series, it has its weak episodes but, altogether, I'm impressed.  And, as I started with, I'm totally shocked that I enjoy it so much with its strong flavor of horror movie.  I had a bit of a forced hiatus for awhile where I was not too interested in doing much so I watched a bunch of this show and am pretty addicted.  With a story about a totally fictional setting with any creature you feel like being thrown in, it's pretty easy to make stuff up but they always throw in these pretty cool twists that I appreciate.  Thought-provoking story lines have always caught me, I guess.  I kinda run on that fuel.  Anyways, the first season of Supernatural may be worth a try.  It gets better later but, if you don't appreciate the first season, you might as well stop there, I think.  But, if you like the first season, it just gets better and better.  Like a good band or any other creative effort, the more familiar the creators get with the effort, the more polished and astonishing that effort becomes, if  the creators are passionate about their chosen profession and the feedback is positive.  I don't think most understand just how critical that feedback loop is.  Back to the difference between this and the normal American horror movie, it is not about helpless people running around scared out of their wits.  Those usually end up dead in a hurry in this story.  The brothers go after the monsters and are not completely shaking in their boots all the time.  Fair warning, I guess it could end up seeming corny.  That is certainly what I expected.  And, make no mistake, it is gory enough.

    Some of it, though, just blows my mind.  Some of it just puts the biblical stories to shame for beauty and inventiveness.  It is jaw-dropping awesome, as I get further into it.  

    Oh boy!  My rambling, verbose ways return for a moment.  It won't last, though.  I haven't done that in a long time, except for one very special case.  A true exception to every rule.  Kinda punch drunk from it, though.  I'm missing that feedback loop I mentioned above.

    Just did a little more investigation.  The show is about to lock in a contract through season 20!  Jared has had a charmed life (no supernatural pun intended).  He had seven seasons in Gilmore Girls followed almost immediately with Supernatural.  That's charmed.
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  • Wickwithy- I totally forget all about our discussion on British vs American based drama. I still think I'm a British drama made fan.

    As an example, I'm quite an avid history can. I enjoy most periods of history, including the second world war, the blitz and learning all about the blitz, the honeguards and the land girls (my great nan used to work for a factory making bullet proof doors for the fighter planes. My great grandad was a honeguards who would inspect people's houses for any fire hazards and take anything made out of metal to be burnt down and used to make artillery.)

    But my most favourite era of them all is the Tudor era. I just love it so much. Henry VIII, Bloody Mary & Queen Elizabeth I. So when an American made drama came out on to TV called The Tudors I was so excited.

    In parts it is good but has deviated massively from historical facts and imagery. Henry VIII is played by the Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers who has piercing blue eyes and dark black hair. There is no denying the guy is lush but he is not exactly my idea of Henry VIII. The actresses who played Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn got the characters bang on but it was EXCESSIVELY sexed up. Who knew The Tudors knew so many sexual positions??!!!

    So yes they wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing but totally unrealistic.

    Cate Blanchett made a very poignant Queen Elizabeth as did Helen Mirren. Glenda Jackson in her time almost was the reincarnation of good queen Bess. I feel the Americans ruined it all in the name of getting maximum viewers. If you were to use 'The Tudors' as a point of reference you would end up wide off the mark.

    I keep hearing about Game of Thrones but I'm not inspired to tune in.

  • Getting back to what you were saying about Supernatural- based in your description I'm getting tge same vibe as that other drama called True Blood about vampires. I don't really dog these sort of wacky horror dramas. However ironically i have watched Most Haunted and gave never seen a ghost...ever. The supernatural world greatly interests me as i have a very enquiring mind to try to make sense of what is beyond our realm. What else is out There?

    Scientists have made discoveries of other planets so who knows? I think space exploration is an amazing thing.

    I don't do horror movies at all. The woman in black absolutely set me off in the cinema. I couldn't watch the film. It stayed with me for days.
  • Ha!  I know what you mean.  I just don't get horror movies at all.  Getting one's insides all in a twist by watching a movie is not what I consider fun.  I've always tried to figure out what the interest is and I  still don't get it.  

    I don't know True Blood at all but, like I said, Supernatural surprised me.  No promises but it might be worth a try.  Or, it may just be a guy thing.  Or, it may just be an American guy thing.  Hard to tell.  But, again, the story line just gets better and better.  You probably wouldn't like Supernatural but I would have said the same about myself before I watched it.  Game of Thrones was definitely a bust for me.

    I can't disagree with your bias towards English drama.  Like I said, European drama is far superior to American.  No doubt, calling Supernatural a drama is stretch.  No surprise that The Tudors was disappointing or that they trie to hard to grab the audience, whatever it takes with no regard for history at all.  There's just something missing in America.  The lack in drama and willingness to pander is just a symptom.  

    I've said it before but John O'farrel's book on the history of Britain is fascinating but probably not in the traditional way.  He seems to have a completely different view on history and it's not a very nice view of our ancestors.  He seems to have dug beyond the romantic embellishments and simplifications that always clutter history.  I really wonder sometimes how he got behind the scenes, so to speak.  I mean, where did he get his info that is missing in all other accounts of history?  Actually, Pillars of the Earth by Follett was similar but not nearly as good.   I really ought to try those Queen Elizabeth movies.  Cate Blanchett is such a good actress.  Helen Mirrim is just amazing.  She was so good in that British series about cops (Prime Suspect or something?), but the story line was just too downhearted for me.  I should probably try it again because I've learned lately that maybe I'm missing something.

    By the way, any book recommedations on the Tudors?
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  • Now, this is interesting, Serenity, if you're really into science discoveries and outer space.  I guess I'm not quite as fascinated as you sound and this article describes my problem with the situation very well.  I mean  the pictures, like from Hubble, are fascinating and awe-inspiring but the actual treks and discoveries are, I don't know, not really capturing my fascination.  Like this article.  The discovery of intelligent life in the universe, more importantly sapient life which in my opinion hasn't shown up anywhere including Earth, would be profound.  But, microbes and such don't really wind me up.  I guess I just consider it a given.  Heck, I consider intelligent life, other than humanity, a given but still profound whenever we encounter it.  I'm just not betting on us finding that anytime soon.  And, speculation, like this article, is really cool and still interesting but, still, it's just speculation.  Sorry for ranting.  I'm still interested, I'm just getting impatient for something tangible, something really profound and I'm not holding my breath.  

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  • But NASA has discovered this new solar system through a telescope so it's definitely real and is out there. This now dispels the God given fact that there was only one solar system- the milky way. Very interestingly this dwarf star has seven planets in its orbit. 3 of them are habital.

    I would like NASA etc era to do another space exploration. Can they go even further out to see what is out there? I'm very curious about all this alien/other life form stuff. More to the point are we the only life form in the universe?

    It would be even more ground breaking if they could find that plane where spirits are said to exist or transcend.

    Regarding books on the Tudors:- The Private Lives of The Tudors is pretty informative reading.

    Alison Weir and Phillipa Gregory are key authors to look at.
  • Thanks for that on the books!

    You're right.  All the things that they are discovering out there does have a certain appeal.  Especially the potentially habitable planets that are so close to home.  That is very interesting.  It's important stuff for us to be doing, like visiting that rock that is in the third zone.  Pretty cool.  And, some of it just catches ones' imagination, like voyager out there on a path to far reaches of the universe.  And, that they are making the newer probes so much faster that they will catch up to the voyager in no time at all.  The two big ones, though, are discovering life and signs of intelligent life.  I am firmly of the belief that we will find very advanced intelligent life through its engineering works.  I wouldn't be surprised if we have already seen such but can't recognize it because we don't know enough.

    You put so succinctly, with your comment about discovering the planes what I've always tried to explain.  All of the unexplained is just a matter of our lack of scientific understanding.  I just stay completely agnostic on everything like that except reincarnation.  I won't say I'm convinced on reincarnation, it just seems the most worthwhile to ponder seriously.  Otherwise, pretty thoroughly agnostic.

    Haha.  Alison Weir and Philippa Gregory.
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  • Just cottoned onto this discussion. Supernatural is a favourite in our house as well. Amazing how it has gone for so many seasons and not got too samey. Another USA program that excels in using Brits as villains.
    I also enjoy the sheer quirkiness of Fargo.
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Those authors have the goldfrapp deal of approval. I actually failed to notice.
  • They really should use some Goldfrapp songs.  It's not their era of songs but I can think of a few that would fit well.  Some off of Supernature, in fact.
  • Speaking of British villains, Crowley is brilliant.
  • Yeah, it was Crowley who immediatley sprang to mind. It's the accent. Megalomaniac mastermind or King of Hell, let's use a Brit, they're evil personified !
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

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