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Era 7 Interviews
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  • Haha I'm going to attempt to do some translating and then post my translation on here.

    Probably end up being entirely non sensical.
  • She's such an incredible being, but I must admit I feel like the wrinkles on her face have appeared out of nowhere.  I guess i've just been paying more attention to older stuff, but I honestly don't remember her looking a day older than 30 in Head First & Tales, all of a sudden she's a mature woman, albeit the same powerhouse!

    I'd love to ask more intimate questions about Alison, about how she's feels about her past and coming to terms with her sexuality, her relationship with her mum, not having kids etc.  Would just love to know more about her
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    Soon be nothing of this world.
  • Aww I know... it would help to relate to her on those issues. I think sexuality and motherhood are big themes. Would she ever openly talk about them? Her mom was a very Christian lady wasn't she? I wonder how that went down and if Alison herself is Christian.

    Sorry I don't want to go on about religion. I'm simply curious as to what she thinks of the world, God. Everything really. Motherhood too.
  • Alison goldfrapp gives everything only with her expression (bursts out laughing)

    Every time her mouth widens and her eyes wrinkle, a new shrapnel crazy, the face of a speaker.

    Her humour starts to trigger when she is asked to speak about what artistic direction the album takes. "Sorry, I laugh because it's a lot of why"

    Why have you done this?
    Why have you done that?

    She repeats three times with ironic emphasis.

    But why did you do It?

    Again her noisy laugh is impossible to ignore.

    Chained on a banal answer: she has been practicing photography for several years, it is a passion and it is also an advantage financially.

    In the privacy of a Parisian hotel room overlooking a cemetery ("it does not bother me"), the behavior of the English woman is sometimes incredibly vulgar or dinguerie. Nothing in the jokes of her clips, the lightness of her music and his charisma on stage did not announce it. Goldfrapp, the band which was founded with the discreet Will Gregory, is seven albums that explore without complex the trip-hop, the electro-pop, the disco, the folk, with a variable success, but an admirable constancy in its ability to produce a handful of ballads and unforgettable hits (the whistle of Lovely Head, the beat of Strict Machine). Since their debut in 2000, the duo has embodied the current fusion of indie and mainstream music, as with its song Ooh La La, a pastiche of T-Rex praised by Madonna (who then did not hesitate to praise Goldfrapp ). And then there is Alison Goldfrapp, a nebulous diva whose story is not that of a dazzling career, a rocket put into orbit in its early youth because of her long legs and suave voice?. She started late, signed her debut album under her 32-year-old name, had time to rub off the middle roughness. So many reasons, a priori, to want to discuss with her. The occasion is given by the release of the seventh album of the duo, a bit uneven, but not devoid of charm, and barded, as solid tubes.
  • The difficulties arose before the interview, when it was a question of making a photo: it was necessary to negotiate, then the agreement was given for a portrait only. The request is all the more absurd as when we meet her (face), the beauty of Alison is striking. Much more than on overexposed pictures of the Internet, where hidden by false eyelashes and a fog of blonde curls, it appears ageless. In reality, she is 50 years old, and it suits her well.

    Asked about the design of Silver Eye, Alison Goldfrapp is not slow to get excited. She rephrases the questions, gives generalist answers ("we sought a new energy", "we let ourselves be carried by the moment", etc.) or ironic. We ask, "How do you see this album in Goldfrapp's discography?" She does not understand, we retort: ​​"You think this record is different from the others?" Laugh sarcastically. "Yes, it's a new album." Even on the most obvious topics, Goldfrapp boots. She has always slipped into the skin of characters: bare Venus, Dietrich burlesque, lunar baby-doll, and her undeniable sense of the show has participated in the radiation of the group. This plurality of personalities elaborated over the years, this care brought to the staging that borders on the mania ... she has necessarily something to say. "I guess I play on my picture. Like all the artists, right? Do you know who never changes? "
  • The breaking point is reached when she says she does not read the press. It should be noted that, in these circumstances, the interviews must be very painful. "I feel like you do not like me at all," she finally said. We must justify ourselves, reveal to him that we appreciate his music, his character, his album - and suddenly the conversation changes its appearance. "OK that's nice."

    His laughter no longer stings, the questions make sense, the answers also, the self-depreciation points. She speaks of her youth in the English countryside of Hampshire in the midst of a large and well-to-do family, recalling her father, a former soldier converted into the pub, who took her to swim on full moon nights. His years in a Catholic boarding school where the encouragement of artistic awakening had electrified him. During the choir, "I remember the top of my skull vibrating and that wonderful feeling ...". Adolescence in a public school is more difficult. Dyslexic, she is bad, drops out. Disenchanted, she sniffs glue and autotatoue the finger with a needle. At 17, she moved to London against the advice of her parents. "It was crazy, but hard, but good. I was learning to survive. "After a few years smoking a firecracker in a squat, she takes control of herself, picks up a job as a singer in a dance show, then hangs up with an art school. The exuberant Tricky finds her, takes her on tour, makes her sing on her records. Finally, the meeting with the composer Will Gregoryabout the birth of Goldfrapp. Few popstars, like her, start so late; This late success may partly explain his obsession with controlling the image, erasing his age in his clips and photos.
  • His future seems to be working: "I'm going to be 51 this year. How did it happen ? I say to myself, "God, maybe I'll have to stop soon and do something else." She is considering respectable conversions, photo, film music. A little later she will say: "I see myself on stage perhaps in ten years, but certainly not in twenty. At the same time, Iggy Pop does. Why not me? "Was she going to confidences? She recounts her painful attempts to stop the cigarette, evokes sentimental relationships that she regrets, the "ridiculous" outfits she has worn.

    But when not to take it short, they announce to him that one begins questions more personal, suddenly, Goldfrapp resumes its favorite role, that of ice. She starts to flick through a magazine, which she takes out only to be offended by our questions (how, whether she has children!) Eluded anyway. However, since we find everything we want to know on the Internet, especially via her Twitter account, we can say that she lives in London, that she is still with her partner Lisa Gunning, that she has not That she regrets the Brexit. The most extraordinary at Goldfrapp is less the bottom than the form
  • Alison's birthday is on May 13.

    Thank God for google translator!!
  • I was going to applaud you there for being bilingual serenity! I love the phrase " nebulous diva" lol. As for the acing thing, as I've commented before, Alison's minimal make up pictures for SE show her to be enviably beautiful and natural. Re the idea of " sudden ageing", tell me about it. Since my op I've felt 30 years older than I am and it's a slow crawl back; the insidious ageism in the workplace which is a key factor in why I quit my job last week has pissed me off, but I'm determined to rise above it- oh, and I'm seeing my Gp next week about HRT !! But despite that, I've never felt happier, calmer and more fulfilled than I do right now. I hope Alison feels the same and I'm sure she does. I could comment further on what I've witnessed in males of similar age ( ie mid-life crises and all the cliches that followed), but I won't, cos that would be sexist / ageist of me too ( and you never know who's reading!) ;))
  • 'Many a decent tune played on an old fiddle' !
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Hehe!! I was sitting here for ages translating a word at a time which was so tiring so i just whacked it all into google translator.

    Now if I was still in Year 8 at school I would have done it no problem as i was in Set 1 for French. Now I can't remember much of any French at all.

    The shrapnel crazy bit- google translator screwed up.

    I don't understand ageism in teaching- how exactly does age impact on being effective as a teacher? We need needlligent enthusiastic professionals as there is a teacher shortage!! Talk about crippling the system!!
  • I think that's the most interesting SE interview I've seen; maybe because the French bring a different perspective to the Anglophone interviewers. "Shrapnel crazy" is great
  • Maybe Alison is shrapnel crazy or bulletproof?
  • X
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  • Nah, bulletproof is La Roux, who snatched the band's chance at winning a grammy for Head First from them thanks to that stupid song and album. 

    Yeah, still sore about it. Lol.
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