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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Bit of hope for you guys, mine finally arrived this morning.
    Sure there was practically no surprise opening it as it was mostly all spoiled for me since the weekend anyway but at least it's finally here.
    Wait, that's a bit of a lie. I didn't know about the tits of the topless blonde women inside the vinyl cover when I opened it in front of my Mother. That was a surprise.

  • @Low Twin's Peaks.

    I bought mine at a record store the day it came out and thankgod I was quick because they only had ONE copy!
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  • Well, mine turned up toady, at work as predicted.  The album is not signed but I cannot remember if it was supposed to be or if this was just a limited addition clear vinyl and was not offered as signed.  Anyone enlighten me on that?
    The CD has a spare slip insert which was signed, but only by Alison, nothing from Will, which I believe other people have had a similar issue with. I have emailed support@musicglue.com and they have already responded and said they will look into it with their 'fulfilment partner'. 
    We all need one of those !
    Interestingly, mine also had the original name crossed out, but not as effectively as Appy's so, whoever or wherever you are, Andrew McNaughton, I have a package with your name on it, but my address !

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  • Urban.. same for me! My booklet is signed by both Alison and Will, but the parcel had the name 'Joe Beer' on the front but and scribbled out, and replaced with mine. Although no sign of the clear vinyl yet.. which I ordered first!
  • wonder if anyone could potentially post a pic to the credits page of the cd or album... curious
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  • It looks like every package was labelled with mis-matching name/address. You'd think it would have been easier to re-print the labels instead of a hand-job!?

    Urban.. same for me! My booklet is signed by both Alison and Will, but the parcel had the name 'Joe Beer' on the front but and scribbled out, and replaced with mine. Although no sign of the clear vinyl yet.. which I ordered first!

    That's the first instance of a crossed-out name being someone I know :-) Joe lives in Penzance and was on the old GMB as Mothwings :-)
  • This really just might be their most impeccably produced album, in my opinion. Alison and Will have such a talent for creating atmosphere and sonic unity across their albums and Silver Eye is yet another testament to that. It's a magical album, really.

    "Zodiac Black" is creeping up to my top spot. What an absolutely orgasmic track!
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  • Mine had the scribbled out name correction on the envelope! Hurray! ( I'd hate to be left out).


    I'm playing the album on a loop ( almost) and I was right to have resisted listening to Anymore and Ocean too much before the album was released. It's a masterpiece, which sounds lame because everything GF have done to date, has been just that. Systemagic is driving me nuts, can't get it out of my head, and that might start annoying me before too long!! I think Moon In Your Mouth is heartbreakingly beautiful; Beast That Never Was is a great tune to trot round Glastonbury on my unicorn to, and Everything Is Never Enough is making me a bit giddy with happiness :). I think Ocean will be my favourite on this album for its Sheer Thea power though. I'm not clever enough with words to review the album in terms that could relay how much it moves me, so I won't try. I think you get my FS Drift.
  • ( not a criticism ), but, incidentally, did anyone else hear echoes of Sonique " It Feels So Good" the first time they listened to EINE?
  • My order is in Chicago as of April 1st, so likely been switched to Canada Post without providing me tracking info like usual. Should arrive tomorrow given the distance.

    I look forward to adding Alison (and hopefully Will)'s autographs to my growing collection! There's something about having individual things handled and given attentive care by these two creative geniuses that fascinates me. I know, it's silly, and to quote Mrs. Crawley from Downton - "Things! Things! Things!" but I get a real kick out of it either way. I don't care how long it takes really (though they really ought to have been honest with the status of things and at least informed us of the shipping date beforehand), as long as my order arrives as requested and undamaged.

    In the meantime, here's some of my loot if anyone's curious, not including my signed 99 of 100 ToU print by A+W (sorry if images are huge... not sure how to remedy that). 
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  • I see that the Goldfrapp twitter account has tweeted that Silver Eye is BBC 6 Music's Album of the Day tomorrow.
  • Hey Slippage, looks like you and I should combine collections. I have similar framed / signed Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree sets. I didn't get Will's autograph in my SE CD, but there were some beard clippings.
    ( thinking about it, that might have been border terrier hair).
  • Ha! Beard clippings. Too funny.

    Did you get yours from eBay as well? That's where I found these two pictured (the HF one setting me back almost 150 CDN). I fell in love with the presentation and way it was framed, so couldn't help myself. I saw quite a few others on there from the same seller, so perhaps you grabbed the ST one I was looking at!

    I was in quite a "collecting" phase at the time, also snapping up the Little Red Book and BC press kit and then crying when the credit card bill came. Still, I don't regret finding these little gems and preserving them. 
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