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Silver Eye (main album thread)
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  • Systemagic is a highlightt so far. Or rather synthemagic.

    It's oily and indrustial methinks.
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  • @Ryanoc91 thanks for posting the lyrics!
  • So...there's no lyrics to the chorus in Faux
  • EvilBliss said:

    So...there's no lyrics to the chorus in Faux

    Isn't it just non-verbal / voice-as-instrument?
  • I have transcribed all of the booklet lyrics to Genius for easier reading.
  • I started listening last night- it kinda sounds like what would happen if Kate Bush and Kylie Minogue had a love child (to me, at least..and i love both.) It all takes on new meaning with the actual lyrics. Has anyone ever tried to look up other GF lyrics on-line? I swear it's like some Chinese guy went on all these lyric sites and wrote down whatever the hell came into his head-
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I have listened to the album several times last night, still hard to believe we finally have Silver Eye after this huge buildup for its release. I will really need to sink in longer to form a good opinion, though overall I am impressed by the diversity and they seemed to have taken bits of all their records and encapsulated into this one.

    Of the new ones, I am playing a lot of Become the One, Faux Suede Drifter, and Zodiac Black. I think i will be stuck in the middle part of the record for a few days to come :)
  • My CD has arrived, all in order. No complaints from me.

  • oh dear, my OCD is going into overdrive since I quitted my job. "Silver Eye" was delivered to me by the world's friendliest post lady this am but before I can let myself listen to it and INDULGE I've got to clean the house from top to bottom, have a shower (done that bit)  and do a list of other things before I can let myself relax enough to do the experience justice. I'll schedule it in for later this afternoon. 
  • My vinyl still hasn't arrived.

  • Silver Eye....... Really like it...........Now what about a DVD Alison!!!??........
  • I have transcribed all of the booklet lyrics to Genius for easier reading.

    Much appreciated :-)

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  • Seeing as I've probably pissed off people on Frapp FB group page moaning about the no show of pre order I'll carry it on here.
    The distributors are a fucking disgrace and a bunch of frauds by taking my money weeks ago and failing to deliver absolutely none of my order of vinyl or CD. The downloads didn't work on Music Glue either!!
    From the highs of seeing them in Camden on London to the anticipation of being able to enjoy this over the weekend I am extremely angry and upset by this. I've completely lost interest in listening to Silver Eye now and have been felt let down by this whole debacle over a band I've followed avidly more than anybody else and paid a small fucking fortune on tickets, travel, hotels to do such a thing.
    No more money will be spent by me until they change their fucking management and distribution team.
  • Well, I have not received my CD as well, but that's probably because I'm abroad (f*cking Brexit will make it worse, probably?). However the MusicGlue-download works fine. I am now discovering Silver Eye track by track. Too soon for a first reaction yet, but I like what I have heared so far!

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