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Phase II of extermination is in progress-
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  • Russia has failed to keep up with the west in almost every way.  There is one case, though, in which they (and Putin, in particular) excel.

  • Could you tell us what it is so we don't have to read the whole article?
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Ttwo of the worst reactions to the COVID virus are by two countries that are both English speaking.  Two countries that also are so proud of themselves.  What is common besides English and the current arrogance of the government?  To a lesser degree, it is also true of many of the European countries that the virus has hit them hard.  What is common among all of these countries?  Populism.  What has driven the populism?  Moneyed powers.

    I am utterly disgusted with democracy at this moment because it is so easily influenced to promote the interest of the moneyed powers.  I hope this doesn't sound too much like a conspiracy theory because I don't think it is.  It is just the facts.  The two English speaking countries have been influenced considerably by such as Koch, Mercer, Trump, Boris and the Tory/Republican (i.e. moneyed powers) to act like bees or ants.  Worker bees are expendable.  They are not important.  All that matters is protection of the accumulation of money by those that already have the lion's share of money.

    We have attempted (and continue to do so) to act like this virus is no big deal.  That the economy is more important than the people.  That is a scary thought.

    Let me stick to some simple numbers that anyone can understand:

    U.S. as a percent of World Population: 4.2%
    U.S. as percent of world COVID deaths: 22%

    You can do your own math for England.

    That is the hard facts.  The nation that struts around considering itself the most advanced nation in  the world has a death rate that is five times higher than the rest of the world.  The world that this nation has lately had the utter gall to look down upon.  It is certainly NOT due to the level of care.  At least the level of care provided to those that can pay for it.

    If these folks are so convinced that COVID is not dangerous, let's see them cluster in small rooms full of sick people.

    Here's another one to think about really hard.  What would happen if you took the black plague and COVID-19 and flipped their occurrence in time?  What do you think would have happened with COVID-19, an air transmitted disease, happened in the mid-1300's when streets were commonly filthy with live animals of all sorts (such as rats), human parasites abounding, in which the spread of transmissible disease was un-challenged at all and hospital care was virtually non-existent?  This was a time in which it really was a matter of live or let die?  It is very likely that the consequences would have been far more devastating than the black plague.  There were no hospitals to speak of, there was no army of health care specialists.  Furthermore, if we were to treat COVID-19 completely as if it were of no import (which many continue to attempt to suggest), the hospitals would be flooded to overflowing, the care specialists would be overwhelmed and many, many more would die.  Sometimes it seems as if some groups would like to see as many Americans die as possible.

    Now, what do you think would happen with the black plague if it were to occur today?  My guess is, as it seems to have been spread through nothing more than filthy conditions, humanity would have shrugged it off like there was nothing to it.  In fact, there have been occurrences of the black plague in recent times and that is exactly what happened.

    My point is this is a very bad disease.  Anyone that doesn't get that has the intellectual prowess of a 4 year old (and some of those are the leaders of countries).  Worse yet, it is more than likely that this virus is rapidly mutating and evolving.  The evidence is almost overwhelming that this is so.  Why is it that children are suddenly beginning to die from COVID at a higher rate than in the past?  With the preponderance of cases of COVID, it would be no surprise that it is mutating and evolving rapidly.  The more the virus spreads, the more chance it has of mutating into something that we do not even want to consider.

    Humanity needs to get its act together and quit playing games.  Humanity needs to evolve more quickly than a stupid virus.

    One last insight.  There is an ancient practice of burning out a fever.  You migh want to look into it.  It could save your life.  Search Google for "burning out a fever" and "Sweating out a fever", if you are interested.  I have to caution that one does probably not want to try this if that fever has progessed too far.  I have used it repeatedly over the years to short-circuit the flu and believe I have used it in the same way to short-circuit COVID.  I could be wrong on the latter.  I am utterly convinced it has worked on the former repeatedly.  I'll say it, again, though.  It could be dangerous to try this.  I am an extremely healthy individual, so maybe I can shrug off the affects of burning up my body (I am very insensitive to temperature extremes, so maybe I'm especially adapted to this method).  There is growing evidence, though, that this works.  The idea of suppressing a fever, as has been the western medical practice has always seemed rather insane to me.  The fever is a mechanism of the body under assault by a virus.  Why would any idiot want to suppress this?  One last caution.  If you try this method, be extremely careful not to catch a chill while cooling off in the aftermath.

    For me, I look for is when I cannot sweat at all.  That means the body is gathering its forces to fight something with a fever.  It's rather easy for me to know if I am not sweating.  My feet tend to sweat to some extent all the time.  The same is true of my palms.  That is the time to initiate the method mentioned above. I have never tried it after the fever has taken too strong a grip and dread doing so.  If you are already sweating, forget this method.  It's not a fever or it's not a fever that will respond to overheating.  The point is to 'break' the fever.  The break is when you begin to sweat.  It is then time to cool off - CAREFULLY.
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  • “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    - Frederic Bastiat
  • That last story hasn't aged well!

    The UK stats on new COVID infections show a remarkable fidelity to the lockdown restrictions. Ease restrictions and new infections rise quickly after about 10 days; impose restrictions and they fall after 10 days. Its childishly simple to understand.

    Less easy to follow is the Govts inability to be consistent on policy. BJ and Hatt Mancock have given a masterclass in demonstrating how having the best education money can buy does not fit you with competence in real life.
  • So true. If only our Government was not a corrupt bunch of narcissistic, sociopathic c*nts, we would be doing a whole let better with everything.
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

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