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Goldfrapp at Glastonbury!
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  • Thanks from across the pond for the uploads!  You guys are the best!
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    (Glastonbury 2014)
    Set List on West Holts Stage on 28 Jun 2014 at Worthy Farm, Pilton

        You Never Know
        Yellow Halo
        Little Bird
        Lovely Head
        Number 1
        Ride a White Horse
        Strict Machine

    UK Deers:-

    It's currently on the BBC Glastonbury pages in full here:


    Non-UK Deers:-

    Sartori is ripping, grabbing, converting and generally using string & superglue to get a version up and I've just grabbed the one from the page above. It's only 640x360 but it's another option for you to choose from. Just demuxing it and sticking it in a more easily playable .mp4 container.

    <<< New Link >>>

    Please download and then share by other routes
    Do not just pass the link onwards and this one may live a bit longer!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You, Amazing !!! I am so happy with the fans of this board, I live in the US which is NOT as Frapp friendly as I would like so I live for these posts and am truly grateful for all the work some fans do to hook the rest of us up. I know these are mere words but it means a lot, Thank You !!
  • many thanks from me too, priceless work
  • Thanks for your technical wizardry Carpy !
  • Now showing on Red Button 301 if anyones interested.
  • I'm watching it now! Love it. She looks so happy!
  • Many thanks. Happy days.

  • Thanks for the full video!
    And might I say, it was the first performance she didn't sing Utopia's intro? Wonder why.
  • Thanks Carpy and Sartori. The Appy's and the UT's are en France at the moment having a well earned holiday, so cannot see easily on any of the normal forums. Appy is trying to put a new VPN on his AppleMac but it needed an update of the OS which was a 6 Gb download ! We currently have a download speed of 1 Mb/sec so a long wait. I have grabbed your file from the link so many thanks for that.
    Merci et a beintot !
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  • And might I say, it was the first performance she didn't sing Utopia's intro? Wonder why.

    She has been doing it like that since last year. Not sure why.

    Overall a great show although as one or two others have said... not perhaps the greatest rendition of Utopia... certainly one fluffed line. Maybe opening-song nerves?
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  • stevil said:

    me thinks she may not be able to as easily anymore....

    yea, but she still does the ending parts..and those high notes in Thea etc, so doesn't sound like the reason.
    Anyway they did a great job, and she seems to be in a really good mood
  • Thank You so much from me too <:-P She does look very relaxed and happy ( those Glasto vapours?!!!). I know I'm being a bit naughty saying this but sorry.....Dolly and Debbie H should bow down to her!! Alison knows how to do elegant, natural, beautiful....long may she age and continue gracefully and honestly...without the drugs or the surgery! <br />I wonder if she'd like to come along to our CP next year down that part of the country? Play us a lil ditty on the ole Joanna? 8-}
  • yea, but she still does the ending parts..and those high notes in Thea etc, so doesn't sound like the reason.

    I think this is precisely because of Thea - she does not want to reach for the high notes more than usual, so does less in Utopia to be able to do Thea.
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  • Goldfrapp Facebook page has the whole set up and running now. Mute Records FB page too.
  • A mighty fine performance & great watching the live stream. It was a little surprising that only 2 songs from ToU were included. I thought they might have started with 'Drew' if they felt that 'Jo' wasn't best suited to a festival event. I don't think we'll have any such issues at Greenwich, however, as Somerset House showed us how well these songs come across at an outdoor venue.

    It was a real bonus to see Visual Fallacy picked out by the TV camera person/director. Her enraptured expression summed up what the band and the music does for us. The reaction on Twitter & Facebook was brilliant, too and added to the occasion.

    I just wish they'd had a headlining slot with a longer stage time but we can't have everything, I suppose.

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