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Kate Bush - Before the Dawn (was the spoiler-free thread)
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  • Tried and failed just now :-( It was mad, all I could see were little green squares turning red - just like my boiling blood...
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  • I didn't even try this time. I'm holding on to the delusion that she'll be coming to the US.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Absolutely over the moon to have got tickets to see Kate.  
    Friday 19th September.

  • Tried and failed and very disappointed but hey ho, will keep an eye out on ticket websites nearer the time to see if any more do come available. Doubt it but no harm looking :-((
  • I didn't get tickets either! :( Really sucks, because I will be going to London in August anyway, so it would have been a perfect opportunity to see her live. Now I only have one Goldfrapp gig to look forward to. :(

    So much for ever getting to see Kate Bush perform! :( School's Internet, you failed me miserably!
  • Aww, a shame, Helen. Laura also didn't manage to snatch any.

    Good to hear though, that Keith and ping now also have tix for the 19th :-)
  • Finally got 3 tickets 30 mins later. Had all 4 sites loaded. Seetickets seemed the best out of the 4. Nearly fainted in disbelief. 10th Sept :)
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  • I got row K.... How fitting!

    Sorry for all you frappers who weren't successful :(
  • Hmmmm......no joy for me either. Because like many of us 40 something's, I was busy at work, could hardly have spent a feverish half hour trying to get tickets at 9.30 in a classroom, and I hear it was all over in 15 mins anyway. Pretty cheesed off given that I was an original Fan from 1979 and the age of 8!! No doubt touts hoovered them all up. Ah well....
  • Another stressful morning but managed to get 2 more tickets better than the ones I got in the pre-sale.Had to plan it with military precision.Now my bank account is pleading for mercy.
  • I'm confused about the hundreds (thousands?) of tickets being sold by scalpers on the secondary market.  If the original announcement is to be believed, they are going to be checking IDs at the door every night and if your name doesn't match the name of the original purchasher on the main ticket, you will be denied entry.  Did I misinterpret this rule?  If not, I don't see how they're going to enforce this rule without causing a mini riot each night.  There are going to be plenty of people who won't know about this rule and will pinch their pennies together to buy ridiculously overpriced tickets on ebay and from ticket resellers.  This doesn't make these people "lesser" Kate Bush fans because they weren't able to make the original on-sale work for them.  And what about people who buy tickets for friends, but aren't attending the gig themselves or are giving them as a gift etc?  This just seems like madness.  
  • One issue to consider - what happens if the named person is unable to attend due to illness or whatever. The purchasing rule would seemingly rule out all those attending with him/her.

    Those attending with me should seek to ensure my well-being fro the next 6 months!
  • No I don't get this rule either... It leaves people with the high possibility of being stitched up!
  • I think the rule was more of a deterrent than a reality. For instance, I was able to back and re-enter my code several times contrary to what the instructions said.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Still think they will be sold off with huuuuuge amounts changing hands. Not on.

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