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Salford Lowry gig 27th March 2014
  • Dunno if this has a thread yet.... Any frappers going? Isn't this one sold out?
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  • juzza1234 said:

    chokka said:

    Clay was ruined for me two pissed up twats on Row D loudly talking through it Grrrr!

    I was sat in row F behind these two clowns; somebody in row E had a word which seemed to help until the set moved into the louder tracks, by which time they couldn't hear themselves.

    Apart from that it was fantastic; before the gig I wasn't sure how the dynamic of the tracks would work in both a seated venue, and with the move from the recent quieter songs to the louder ones later, but I now think it worked really well, especially once the ice had been broken and everybody got up to boogie.

    That was me! You were sat just behind me :)
  • I'm going. Got my ticket & even though it's a crap seat I'm sure it'll still be a great night. Hoping for a meet up with all you locals. Any suggestions for a suitable local pub that has OK food?
  • I am going. On the bus. Setting off at tea-time. Then getting a lift home. A family member is picking us up.
  • Keith, there's a few nice bars and restaurants directly opposite the Lowry and some pubs further along the quays all in a nice walking distance :)
  • Me and Sonap are going. There's a cheap meal deal at Harvester right opposite The Lowry in the Outlet Mall, which we did before the cinema event last week. If the weather is good you can sit outside. Don't drink in Lime next door! Massively expensive.

  • I'm going too :)
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  • I'm going! I'm usually so unlucky buying tickets, but I'm 3rd row in the middle! I'm pretty sure it's sold out as someone I know wanted to get tickets but couldn't.
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  • I have a spare: in the circle, row D. PM if interested.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I shall aim to be in the Harvester around 5pm.

    Hope to see some of you then.
  • I'm going and taking my 13 yr old nephew to his first ever gig! Hoping it's going to be an amazing experience for everyone but especially for this little chap!
  • Last call for the Lowry gig. Micky? Jude?

    If anybody's going to be in the Harvester, look out for me. I shall be wearing a Goldfrapp t-shirt :)
  • Enjoy! I'll be there, in a frapp themed t shirt....
  • I am going in my Supernature t-shirt. Not sure i will be in the Harvester yet. Cannot wait.
  • There will also be a laser show in the sky above the Lowry, a morse code Thank You to Alan Turing! Not part of the gig, but a big plus.

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  • I'll be there makng my feelings known ! Just not sure what time at the moment. 
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