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Somerset House 2013 - Who`s going ?
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  • No doubt some people will have to go home but I hope we get the chance to head for a drink afterwards, even if we can't all go and take advantage of Laura's hospitality :)
  • We'll be getting the glorious 176 bus in, it goes directly from east dulwich and drops us off outside the pub! Perfect. Bringing the other half with me so be gentle ;) haha.
  • I shall indeed aim to be at yours around 4pm Laura, may be a little later but not much.
    Have decided to drive, as its cheaper than the train, (not in mine but the company pool Megane. It has AIR CONDITIONING :)
    OK mine has aircon too but as the whole car is in the garage the pool car it has to be.
    Will PM tweet you for postcode house number etc Laura, and hopefully I can get parked up nearby and the festivities can start.
    Apologies I have not posted about the MIF gig yet, I will get around to it but I have really enjoyed the reviews, all spot on and Carpy gave an eloquent list of some of the highlights we all shared.
    See you all tomorrow, what a fab week this has been xxxxxxx :)
  • Hooray! Yeah any time around 4 is fine David, whatever suits.
    Looking forward to seeing you Sally & meeting your lady! ;)
  • won't be at this 1 but have a frapp-tasic time every1 who's going ;)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

  • 21:00 at Greggs in Plumstead High Street it is then!  Bring a bottle. :ar!

  • Just rejoined the forum (I remember the days when it was called a messageboard) due to some gentle persuasion during the Manchester gigs from The_Carpathian.  I'll be there tomorrow - if I ever get to sleep in this heat and manage to catch my train down to London tomorrow morning. :)
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • softlad said:

    21:00 at Greggs in Plumstead High Street it is then!  Bring a bottle. :ar!

    Two bacon and cheese bakes , two chicken and mayo baguettes and a booootle of rum oo-ar  :ar!
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  • Truly fucked off I can't go today. Had a very bad night last night as my sister really isn't well so has emergency doctors this morning. She's in so much pain she can't drive but then I've got to try and get her back to Leicester. Seriously think they need to get her op moved forward as November is just ridiculous. I will have to pay private for her so bang goes my holiday too.
    Fucking, fuckety, fuck bollocks. So very upset :((
  • oh no :(
    "its MY favourite song"
  • Very sorry to hear that. Best of luck for your sister!
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  • Awful news, Bells. I hope things get better for your sister and there will be another special event you can join us at before too long.

    A big welcome back to Mode Devotion. Hope to see you in the pub later.
  • was good to meet you MD :)
    "its MY favourite song"
  • Crud... looks like I'm a no can go now :-(

    Lets see how the day goes.
  • Just on the train now to St Pancras to meet my friends I'm going with :) can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We made an agreement when we started uni that if Goldfrapp was doing a gig in London we would go.... Now in our final year she's actually here!

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