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Cinema event in the USA
  • After receiving an email this morning about the Cinema event I see that the USA has been dropped, I can't tell you how much it sucks to be a Goldfrapp fan and live in this country, we get fucked every time. I travel to see the band in NYC and haven't missed a show,but this is just a fucking kick in the teeth. GOLDFRAPP PLEASE PUT THIS OUT ON DVD SO WE CAN SEE IT HERE.
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  • you can't post threads like this...it's not good for us old folks with weak hearts 
  • I think this film/live show event might be a good opportunity for them to reach audiences that they wouldn't be able to reach otherwise, especially if it's not feasible for them to tour more cities in the U.S. I hope they don't
    miss the opportunity. Let's see what happens. I'm still hopeful.
    I'm fairly certain that it will run in the U.S. Surely at least in L.A. and NYC?? Even iif they have to make it a pre-recorded stream.
    Maybe you should change the thread title, seeing as it's in Goldfrapp News and is not exactly accurate. Maybe just get rid of the word (DROPPED)
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  • I read about that, what a bummer! I hope they put it out on DVD, they have to, it's really gorgeous.
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  • really? did it say that in the email? US is still showing on the website, thats crap for you guys :(
  • The e-mail message I received says nothing of the US being dropped. In fact, it states that other cities will be added. At the film site, the United States are still listed with "more details coming soon."
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  • "The first set of cities and cinemas taking part have now been announced and can be seen at goldfrapp.com/film. These include an extensive number of cinemas in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria."

    I think the key words are "first set". Venues for USA, Australia, France and the other countries listed will come later.
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  • Thank you for your responses. No, It didn't say specifically, it's just that sinking feeling I've dealt with before, we never get anything anymore that isn't Britney and Beyonce. I have my fingers crossed but after a similar situation with a David Bowie Cinema event in 2003 I think the writing is on the wall, that event played in every country BUT the US. The reason I did the post was I was hoping someone deep inside the Goldfrapp camp would come forward and state that the US is still on.

    It was this line "Further cities and cinemas will be added over the coming weeks, so check back often." that made me truly think what I did, it says "cities" NOT countries.
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  • I completely feel your pain. Try being in Canada. They haven't been here since the Seventh Tree Era, and even then was just Vancouver and Toronto, and before that was 2003 for the BC tour. Never had the chance to see them live thanks to low funding for tours, etc. We are the most left-out country. I'm sure I drive you all nuts about it, but I really hope Alison and Will make it here to Bluesfest Ottawa 2014. I'm praying every day. 

    Doubt the movie will even appear in my province. Or within 2 hours of where i live... 

    It's ok I guess. Not. At least my Black Cherry interview promo box from eBay will cheer me up once it arrives. 

  • Slippage said:

    We are the most left-out country.

    Now, now.

    Unfortunately there are plenty of countries where Goldfrapp have NEVER played live. So, at least you are in good company! ;)
  • Bit of a drama queen, aren't we?  Cool your jets, man.  We'll get our listings soon.  These staggered announcements aren't uncommon with live cinema events -- the same thing has happened with recent live simulcasts from the National Theatre, Royal Ballet and Metropolitan Opera.  
  • The locations are up!! Miami is on the bill, so is Ft. Lauderdale (Talking to you PG) New York, LA... They're all there. See Utopia304, all's well that ends well . Patience is a virtue, and all that jazz :D I'm sorry, I'm giddy, don't mind me.
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  • Is that the final listing then?! Where the hell is Orlando?! Well my aunt lives in Palm Beach, maybe I'll visit her. My girl can't go because of work..and I myself am going to try to finagle something. I suppose it's not like flying to NY, so I'm happy... :D
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  • Make a break for it Pony, do it. It's so fantastic that it's a live event. Aside from a simulcast Opera, I've never been to anything like this before. It is very, very cool and clever of them. I'm so thrilled, it's like really having them come play in your city. And yet we get to be altogether at the same time around the world (time zones be damned!) im talking, actual physical time.
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  • Kinda surprised they couldn't book this gig in a proper LA--as in the city of Los Angeles--cinema. All we get is some random outpost in North Hollywood and another in Valencia (which is NOT Los Angeles)--it's much further North of LA--where Magic Mountain and CalArts are located.  Beyond CalArts students, who else in that po-dunk part of CA is going to attend?  Might go for No Hollywood, but going to hold out to see if any proper LA cinemas--like Arclight in Hollywood or any of the dozens of independent cinemas in LA like the The Independent in downtown--get added.  Anyone from SoCal going?
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  • Bit of a drama queen, aren't we?  Cool your jets, man.  We'll get our listings soon.  These staggered announcements aren't uncommon with live cinema events -- the same thing has happened with recent live simulcasts from the National Theatre, Royal Ballet and Metropolitan Opera.  

    YES ! and as I suspected my "drama" was warranted as the dates and cities in the US have been released and ALL OF NEW ENGLAND was dropped so I will NOT be able to attend.

    I have let the band know how I feel about this in a post on Facebook, I know nothing will come of it but felt SOMEONE has to let Goldfrapp know that as long time supporters this just plain Sucks !!

    Facebook post : "
    you for completely screwing the Goldfrapp fans over who live in New
    England, NO showings of the film/concert in the following states
    Massachusetts, Connecticut,Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine ! I
    can't tell you how upsetting this is BUT I guess there is always fucking
    You Tube. I started to think about my loyalty to the band I love so
    much, Why have I traveled from Boston to NYC for EVERY SHOW and yes I
    was at the only Boston show as well, Why have I bought 2nd and 3rd
    copies of your albums in special editions, why did I buy the Boxset only
    to be treated like this, seriously I don't know who is responsible BUT
    we deserve an apology. I was so looking forward to this, already
    organising a huge group to attend and now I feel like someone just
    kicked me in the stomach"

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