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How did you get into Goldfrapp?
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    Tell us when you first liked Goldfrapp and how you first heard/got into them.

    It was 2001, I was 13 years old and I had a chillout compilation with featured Lovely Head as one of the tracks which I kept playing and playing, it was like nothing I had ever heard before, a fairytale come true. My sister had Felt Mountain and I asked if I could borrow it because I listened to it through the walls and ceilings when she played it, she said no :(
    so I just had Lovely Head for a couple of years to listen to, haha! Then I heard SM on the radio, loved it found out it was Goldfrapp, got the single and also picked up the Train single, loved the B-Sides and the Hairy Trees live version and received Black Cherry and Felt Mountain for Christmas 2003!
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  • It all started with the remix of Marilyn Manson's 'This Is The New Shit'.

    First song: Strict Machine
    Second song: Train

    Fell in love with the Black Cherry website. Became an instant fan.
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  • It was on a free CD with an issue of Q magazine it featured new artists and Utopia was on there and from the first listen I was hooked. :-)
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  • When I heard about that wonderful singer on those great Tricky and Orbital tracks was to release an album she did with a bloke callled Will....
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  • I think parents had the same chillout compilation as you did folklore. Because I remember them paying Lovely Head quite a bit when I was very young. I loved it then and I love it now.
    Then an almost 10 year gap, to which I was exposed to many hit such as Ooh La La, Strict Machine, Fly Me Away, Number 1, Twist, Happiness, Caravan Girl... all without really noticing.
    Then come some Spring day in 2009 where I was in JJB of all places and saw the Happiness video playing (back when they had TV's in there.)
    Anyway, I loved the song so I downloaded it and put it on loop for about a week. Then I just gradually would listened to more and more of the songs on iTunes or on YouTube. Holidays where I'd listen to nothing but Goldfrapp... ah, good days.

    Chillout Compilation -> Happiness in JJB -> Hooked on Goldfrapp for life.

  • The first time I heard first Goldfrapp was in 2005-2006 when Ooh La La featured in TV advert.

    But I seriously got into them in 2008, when I heard Train in radio show about summer festivals in Poland. I was totally in love with this track. Later in the same radio programme I heard a couple of ST tracks, even once the full show featured only Goldfrapp tracks. It was amazing! Seventh Tree was the first Goldfrapp album which I bought.
  • I was in panto playing an ugly sister in Cinderella at the gorleston pavilion (big time I know) around xmas 2005 and the major domo was raving about Goldfrapp. a few weeks later I saw them at brixton academy and fell in love...
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  • Sat in my lounge in 2003 , with my back to the TV which was tuned to MTV and Strict Machine came on , turned around and my eyes were on stalks . Joined the forum in Feb 2004 , had lurked for quite a few months before I joined thinking "blimey , its two portions of `mad` with extra bonkers sauce"
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  • Pilots.

    Liked it.

    A lot.
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  • my friend gave me advice to listen to them in 2006, the first song was Hairy Trees. I've just started to listen electronic music that year, so it was somenthing really new to me, though I can't say I loved them from the first listen. But then I became a real fan in 2008 after hearing Seventh Tree. The next day I went to the shop and bought all the albums.
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  • Cervus said:

    It was on a free CD with an issue of Q magazine it featured new artists and Utopia was on there and from the first listen I was hooked. :-)

    No way me too!! Was it a chillout themed compilation?

    Basically I had Utopia on repeat play on that cd for aaaaaaaages cos I was hooked on it. Then one day I saw Felt Mountain in Hmv and took a chance on it.....

    And here we are 12 years later completely addicted!

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    “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous." — Queen Victoria
  • I'm from the same history as Dreeke on this one.

    Absolutely adored Alison's voice well before Goldfrapp due to her becoming "Auntie" to Orbital's "Snivilisation" album in 1994. Was already an Orbital fan at that point but that really left me instantly smitten.

    Then again in 1995 she pops up with Tricky and just compounded things. Her voice became the thing that snared me.

    Goldfrapp, the band, had me as a willing fan from day one due to those two and I've never looked back.

    Scary to think it'll be 20 years of Alison's voice for me next year - yikes!
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  • I caught a discussion on the radio about the theremin. Someone mentioned that a woman called Alison Goldfrapp played it by dancing next to it. That was the sexiest thing i had ever heard, and I bought the brand new BC next day.

    I loved the album, but the critical thing was that it coincided with an emotionally intense time in my life. Now I cant separate the two - GF's music will forever carry the emotional freight of that time.       
  • Copied directly from the old forum, because plagiarising yourself is so nouveau quiche, darling.

    I first saw Our Lady one night back when Graham Norton was on channel 4 (and was still funny). Strict Machine it was. Don't remember what I thought of it bar 'Cool! She bashes that box and it makes noise!'

    Time went on, and the performance was, well, ignored. So I was having a lazy day, lounging around watching moo-sick channels when Twist appears. Watching and listening, I thought 'Oo, that were a bit good'. Hanging around, I also caught Strict Machine again and thought I liked that too.

    So one day, I'm listenin't'wireless on the floor, it was Mark and Lard. And they were interviewing Alison. And at the end they played Black Cherry. And I liked that too. So my mind went 'ding, ding, ding! 3 song rule! Buy the album'
    So off I went to Woolworths and handed over the coin of the realm and left with the CD, which was promtly taken home and span like a mutherfucker all day.

    Now, during this time, Kiyu had been watching that old Monkey Dust program, and really liking that old whistling that's the intro for all the Clive skits. Now he had no fucking clue what it was.
    But, after loving Black Cherry like a fat person loves cake, Kiyu decided to use that there old new fangled internet whatjamacallit to see if there were any more albums. Spotting Felt Mountain, Kiyu loads up media player, hits the internet library for a listen... and low and behold, the first track was that whistling! Well Kiyu nearly creamed himself. However, he was not wearing rubber pants, so he resisted.

    And that as they say, is that. If you read all this, you're mental.

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