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  • That sounds really nice Kat- yes if i ever need help I will ask you for advice! It's extremely painstakingly slow job hunting. Good luck xx
  • And to you, don't let your mood sink....( just read the other thread). I'm keeping myself busy with my hobbies which I never get time for when I'm working. Best of luck and hugs ((( xx)))
  • Thankyou Kat xx
  • I learned yesterday that I didn't get the TVI job :(( But I do have an interview for the college one next week. I live in hope...
  • Keep plugging away Kat and don't let the bastards get you down !
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Oh no!! Thats crap. I feel your pain as it happened to me about a week ago. Did they give helpful feedback?

    Your fabric book sounded great so it's their loss!!
  • How are you doing Kat? I hope you are feeling better with your shoulder, and having some luck on the job front? Over where I am, it's a very fierce battle.
  • Been away from the forum for a little while as we've had visitors etc...yeah...jobs....
    I've resigned myself to going with supply teaching from September. I was " pipped at the post" again for the college job, but they want me on their supply list; I've registered with 3 agencies and hope to do some home tutoring, so here's hoping I can get enough work.. Funnily enough though, since making this decision I've been sleeping drug free like a log, feel optimistic about being able to have a bit more creative time for me and a work life balance. My income will be slashed to less than half what it was, but I'm valuing more important things.
    Health wise, just waiting for more consultants appointments. It's very sweet of you to ask. I'm feeling quite upbeat thank you and hope your situation is a bit sunnier too, bless you xx
  • Well folks, not been about on here for a while. Work is still shite but not as bad as it was. Lots and lots of good things have happened to me. Lovely holiday in Cornwall as guest of fellow Frapper Halloween Jack and Gloucestershire with Little Bird. Got to chat to Will Gregory after his show at the Cheltenham Science Festival.
    There was also Goldfrapp in Oxford, Roundhouse in Camden with a fab stop over with loads of Frappers, then of course Somerset House with another stop over in London
    Still meet up with my local LGBT group which is getting a bigger group now. It's our local Pride event this weekend but can't go as going to the theatre
  • Ive also met a lady who is 16 years older than me (oops) but is the most loveliest, kindest, honest, caring person I've ever met. We're going to Brighton in September for my birthday which I'm sooo looking forward to
    Just sad I can't tell my parents as still can't tell them I'm gay somsad of lying to them where I'm going and with who but hey ho I still have my lady who is very understanding of all this
  • HellsBells- I think you and this person that you have met need to meet with your parents. It is 2017 and you only have one life. It's going to take bravery to do This, but you can not hide away in the shadows. If this person makes you happy then chase that rainbow. Who are your parents to deny you that right?

    Have you got another family member who could step in to support you whilst you break the news.

    And if your parents do end up making an outburst they can't stay angry forever. What would be the point?

    You don't choose who you fall in love in. I think happiness is a gift. Once you find it never let go of it.
  • Kat Robin-no problem. I'm still getting to know people on here . Sorry to hear you were close to getting the job. It's a si.ilar story here only i can't afford to do supply work. Competition is still insane out there.

    I wish the weather was a lot better. It would certainly brighten my mood. It's supposed to be August not October. My birthday is coming up soon the end of the month and it shall not rain!!
  • Totally agree with your sentiments above Serenity and I've said so to Hells' face!! With all the shit going down in the world and all the hypocrisy, hatred and human misery, you'd think Everyone needs a love story. Good luck to Hells ( and as I've said before!) I don't mind being a human shield or offering a place to stay if necessary!

    Here's some happy news- I got an all - clear from the doc yesterday- no tumours of the spine, just more osteophytes and I'm going to have to grin and bear that. So you can imagine I'm pretty darn relieved. Jakey our border terrier also got the all clear from the vet yesterday ( he had various tests done). He wouldn't want me to elaborate on his condition- let's just say that when we're snuggled up of an evening from now on he'll be wearing a nappy! Bless.....!
  • Good to have your updates, Kat, and especially the health news. Supply teaching is like guerilla warfare - your main job is to keep the enemy pinned down in their bases so they cannot go rampaging about, terrifying  the citizenry. If all else fails, take the dog. Those that aren't charmed may be scared at the prospect of toxic sprays.

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