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  • Let me be a little more specific, Serenity.  I hope you have a very good doctor and, even if you do, you might want to get a second and third opinion of that is an option.  A sore throat, especially one that drags on awhile, may be much more than a sore throat or laryngitis.  Anyways, if you'd like to get more into my paranoid maunderings, just shoot me a message.  If you don't know how to do that, just click on my image and then click on 'send whickwithy a message'.  My reply would show up in your inbox.
  • Serenity-hope your interview went well today! %%- I have another one on Thursday, actually for my dream job- daren't say too much and jinx it but will if it goes well lol. And no, it's not Alison's PA ( I couldn't cope with the travelling tbh!)
  • Whickwithy- I had to hike it up to urgent care as my voice completely went plus i had a fever too. Was put on antibiotics. I'm not back at work but my class teacher is now going down with it!!

    Kat- I got so close to getting the job. Shortlisted out of 130 people. 6 of us were chosen for interview. Literally the Head picked fault with two answers i gave. Appatantly the other candidates said a bit more!! I was fuming. It was a lovely little primary and I was gutted.

    Ooh please do tell what the role is? Have they got any room for one more???

    Getting a school job is so darn difficult right now. Bloody government are cutting support staff jobs right down because apparantly a teacher can cope with 30 kids (including the special needs, the kids that cant speak English, learning disabilities)

    I was doing teacher training last year PGCE and it was WAY too much to deal with. I don't think I'd go back into it. I should have done the 3 year degree course. But too late now.
  • Are you leaving Education Kat? I know of teachers leaving the profession. Too many targets, paperwork and jumping through hoops for Ofsted.
  • I did have laryngitis as my vocal chords were inflammed.
  • It sounds like you are feeling better, Serenity, that's good to hear.
  • How did your interview go Kat?
  • Sorry I went away for a few days so delayed reply. The interview was for the role of TVI- Teacher for the Visually Impaired, an itinerant job which would mean home visits and supporting children in different schools and colleges. It really would be a lovely job. Think my interview and presentation went well, and they liked the tactile book that I've been working on for weeks now ( it's a fabric book for VI youngsters). I've got to carry on waiting to find out the outcome sometime this week, it's killing me as I applied for the job in early May! I've also applied for a lecturer role with SEN pupils at the local college, most of the students there being ex-students of mine! So please wish me luck...
    I've decided that a contracted full time job in Primary is probably not for me anymore- I'm appalled by what I've been seeing recently and my partner is a ft primary teacher.
    I'm totally on edge this week, what with the job business, another MRI on Wednesday, and only a month to go before I get married!! Eek!!!
  • Catherine and I have chosen our music for our ceremony
  • Odd- most of my last comment has disappeared! Anyway, yes, we have chosen just 2 tracks as it's going to be such a short registry office do. We have chosen RAWH and MIYM.
  • Odder and odder- most of that last text disappeared too! I'll shut up!
  • Best of luck all round, Kat! Those jobs sound really interesting and it'll be good to have some new challenges. hope the scan goes well too. I can imagine the walk up the aisle will be spectacular if you are both sashaying up to RAWH wearing pony tails! x
  • Hello Kat- i hope that we both find jobs soon. I've done two more job applications. Visiting a school today on an informal visit so will see what happens next.
  • Sounds like you're perfect for the job, Kat.
  • Bless you...well, gotta just wait with fingers crossed ... iM me if you like Serenity and we'll compare notes / grievances / hopes lol.
    As for walking up the aisle...won't be an aisle, just a short avenue between chairs in an austere registry office lol! But we are having our own little pagan hand fasting thing one evening that week to make it more relevant and personal for us. We won't be wearing our sky clad outfits... Unless it's a full moon and a warm night.

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