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Anna Calvi
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  • Excuse the language but oh my fucking God. One Breath arrives at work today (thank you Domino Records) and guess what, ITS SIGNED BY ANNA!! Gold pen signature. If I could post a picture I would but this bloody forum!!
    Simple pleasures in life like this keep me happy even if it's sad :D
    Going to play this to death over the weekend!
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  • I got a E-mail at 1.05 pm from Domino Mart saying the items marked have now left our warehouse and will be delivered. Well to me. So i think i will get it tomorrow. I am going to check if Piccadilly records have it ready just out of curiosity. That is where i planned on getting it from before i just pre-ordered it. Any pics in the booklet ?.

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    There are pictures but not of Anna which is rather disappointing :-B
  • Oooh tut-tut. Nevermind. Oh review in Metro.
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  • 8/10 reviews in both NME (who gives a shit, I know, but it's good to read such appreciation for the new stuff) & in Uncut.

    Just listened to 'suddenly' for the first time since hearing it live. ITS AMAZING. I really love it. More than 'Sing to Me' actually...
  • Suddenly and Eliza for me. Could be because i have listened to them the most. Well i say that as though i have heard them all. Of course i have not. So i will judge when i have the disc.
  • Well, its certainly different to the first album. Stand outs for me at the moment are Suddenly, Eliza (played to death the single), Sing To Me and One Breath.
    Going to take a few listens to click as hearing them live was different. Still, another candidate for a Mercury nomination next year 
  • Mine's on its way - shall we just say there was a glitch in the delivery process at Stately Corgi Manor? Really looking forward to this - and as I haven't heard the songs live I am expecting it'll take a couple of listens to click.

    Congrats on the signed copy Hells Bells!

    Edited to add: also quite perceptive in parts from the Telegraph
    plus an Indy review-let here
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    When your album arrives please post your thoughts? Hope you like it :D
  • You all got that tickets for 8 Feb at London's Troxy have been released, right?

    I ask only cos I just found out.

    Right Hells Bells, will offer some thoughts if I can articulate any when I get the new record.
  • Love of my Life you could be forgiven your've wandered into PJ Harvey territory in some parts.
    One Breath has some fantastic string arrangements on it - beautiful.
    Couldn't get tickets for Troxy as sold out :(
    No fear, 2014 tour dates released Monday anyway. L-)
  • Eeep did I get the last one?? 

    I booked the Troxy cos it is just over the wall from Stately Corgi Manor - really no excuse if I miss this and mega annoying if I did. Plus I did wonder if there was a Very Short Tour Indeed thing going on because there certainly weren't many dates advertised on her site .. oh well, good luck for Monday Hells Bells!
  • God, she's selling out all sizes on London venue one after another in minutes! Good on her!
    I missed that Troxy thing. To be honest, I didn't have a very good experience last time I was there, though I'm sure it'll be a wonderful night w_c - think I was unlucky.

    Fingers are crossed here for Monday good news as well....! I'm in Dublin now for the forseeable so should be easier to get consistent Internet connection should I need to purchase any tickets!
  • Yeah it's quietly impressive the way the sales are building. I think I only found the Troxy gig because of a scrolling idiosyncrasy with Mistah Chipz here.

    Yeah, the last time I went I didn't have a great experience - Patti Smith not on form for the majority of the gig, and some obnoxious people next to me. BUT after the Somerset House gig I would quite like to see Anna Calvi indoors, in the dry, and with new material.

    Good luck to everybody for Monday tix!

  • Listened it twice. Really like it. Sing to me stands out as well as Eliza and Suddenly. The track listing at the back of the cd look like TOU.

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