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Press on Tales of Us
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  • This one seems paritcularly good, though

    Actually, as I peruse, there is a LOT of really good press.  Really insightful and enthusiastic!!


    Well, rather than keep posting. I'm just going to add a few things here that I really liked.

    From UKMIX forum: "Still what I love about them is each album is nothing like the previous one, they aren't afraid to do something different"  THAT is exactly how I feel about their music.  It is only one of two bands in my lilfe that I couldn't recognize a new song's band almost instantaneously.  I hate to mention the other, though, personally, I liked them a lot.

    Very good!  Tales of Us even has a wiki entry!

    I don't know, but I gotta believe this launch is different than previous ones.  I have tears in my eyes seeing all of the press and interest.  Of course, that could partly be due to 36 hours lack of sleep.  Heck, I can't hardly type anymore.

    As I continue to struggle to type...this one really got me.

    "Our beloved Goldfrapp made the huge announcement just over an hour ago".  Yeah!  Now you're talking!

    It just gets better!
    "Goldfrapp release their stunningly beautiful new album Tales Of Us through Mute on 9 September 2013."

    Whoa!  I hope I'm not totally overdoing this but, really, I am in so full agreement.  Even with all of the new tunes I've been enjoying, there's just no comparable band.

    "Darkfrapp is BACK!!!The only relevant release this coming fall"

    And, of course, there are pubs in many languages, as well.  So far, I've seen French, German, Polish, and I think Spalish and Portugese..  Russian, maybe?

    Okay, I quit, unelss I'm urged to go further....Still looking, just quit posting.
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  • Hahaha!  Sorry, gotta add this one, if nothing else, just because Folklore might get a kick out of it and it's a uniqure read.


    OMG, Goldfrapp go folkloric on "Tales Of Us"


  • jenkins25 said:

    Hi Jenkins25 Translation maybe?

    Goldfrapp fans can rejoice - the sixth studio album, entitled Tales Of Us, will be released on September 9. Album is available for pre-CD, limited edition vinyl and Universal Box, which includes a music CD with a bonus disc with exclusive material and a DVD-quality Dolby 5.1, Album of the vinyl version of the poster, 40-page book, 12-inch lithography. The whole will be numbered, and the first half thousand copies will be signed by the band. Unfortunately, this limited edition box you have to wait, because you will be sent until mid-November.

    Tales Of Us Tracklist is as follows:
    1 Jo
    2 Annabel
    3 Drew
    4 Ulla
    5 Alvar
    6 Thea
    7 Simone
    8 Stranger
    9 Laurel
    10th Clay

    Here you can see the trailer for the album. It consists of pieces of new songs the band. For the visual equivalent Lisa Gunning. For the works were created minifilmy. According to the announcement they are to be shown in cinemas. Along with the news of the release announce an Tales Of Us Goldfrapp have announced some European tour. For now, it is not Polish, but maybe soon will be information about the performance of the Vistula River.

    The release version of Live will take place on 17 and 18 July at the Manchester International Festival.

    Wow Whickwithy, I am impressed "mówisz Polski"

    oh and I wonder....

    jaki jest twój kac?


    apologies for any inaccuracies via Google translate ;)

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Really that doesn't make sense whickwithy, it should be how is your hangover not what is your hangover as I noticed you were saying you were drunk as a skunk last night ;)
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Oh, I'm fine, Border_Mind,  Sweet of you to ask.  Goldfrapp enthusiasm just got the better of me but, also, pulled me through the night.  And, twenty some-odd pages of Google Search on Goldfrapp has gotten me through the morning.  I am really psyched.  I think they have exercised the necssary tools to get the launch and the attention they deserve.

    And, actually, all I did with the article was put it through Google Translate.
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  • Yeah google translate is a bit odd isn't it. It was quite amusing to see you all drunk and merry, it's funny how booze can have extreme effects either positive or negative isn't it? I have to avoid alcohol, well one or two drinks and I am fine, let's just leave it at that eh ;)
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Aww, really?  Well, let us know when you are in an intoxicated, amusing mood on this site.  Can't wait to see it!  It shoud be immensely amusing.

    And, back to my OCD nature, I take it back.  I'd LOVE to see Godlfrapp do a prime time slot before the U.S. tour, but I don't know if that even exists anymore.  I don't know if there is an equivenat to the Ed Sullivan show, any longer, as I don't ever watch TV. 

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  • It's so very, very rare I do get intoxicated Whicky ;) (can I call you that?) I really have to avoid such things unfortunately.

    OCD eh, well I'm sure many of us have kind of common ground there dare I say it.

    I'd love to say something about television and not watching it but probably best in a rant thread, probably all of this best discussed in other stuff

    Any nice new press snippets anyone? I'm thinking we will get quite a lot in the coming weeks.
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Sure, Whicky works.

    I've pretty much turned off the OCD, really.  It's just I'm so interested in this launch, I've turned it on for a day or so.  All it takes is an all-nigher and lots of caffeine.  I'll calm down, after today, one way or another.
  • Just heard the BBC interview... Nice to hear Alison speak again.... She sounds happy!
  • chokka said:

    Just heard the BBC interview... Nice to hear Alison speak again.... She sounds happy!

    The words that came to mind for me were "enthused" and "refreshed".

    Considering this is the busy end of a two year off-and-on period making TOU she must really have enjoyed making it to sound like this now!
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  • As I was rooting around, looking for nice perky subjects to make people smile, I decided to look for new press on ToU.  Not much luck there.  But, I had this tremendous revelation (Ha!  At least for me).  You know how it is when you stare at something for a long time, or keep hearing the same phrase over and over, again and, all of a sudden it's like the whole thing rearranges itself and you see something new?  Well, that just happened to me concering "Tales of Us".  Damn!  The whole time, I was reading it as "Tales of Us" as in Will and Alison.  Now, I admit I'm often quite dense but, omidog!  I'm convinced, now, that it should read as "Tales of Us" as in humans.

    Okay, okay, maybe it was a Duh moment.  But, it made my day!

  • Ummm, this may not be new but, just in case, it's an interview with Daniel Miller, the founder of Mute.  Kinda interesting and encouraging to me.

  • Just got my first notification recommendation from Amazon on the album \:D/
  • Bells said:

    Just got my first notification recommendation from Amazon on the album \:D/

    Was that a general notification, do you think?  Or, are you signed up for info on Goldfrapp or something?

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