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  • I discovered 'Ariel' by Sylvia Plath as a teenager and was struck by her voice. It was full of passion and life that had nowhere to go, except straight into the sun. It was before I had learned that her husband was having an open affair on her and had gotten the other woman pregnant. Her life caught in the crossfire of a passionate love and the despair of losing it.

    Here's a clip of her called 'What Made You Stay?'

    She's pulling an accent and talking about England- so amusing..so true.

    *You know I was thinking about Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath recently. He used to beat the fuck out of her, rape her, and tell her he wished she were dead. He burned all her journals after she died. Makes you wonder if Sylvia’s death was even a suicide at all. His mistress wound up dead too, from an apparent “suicide” as well. Makes one wonder why Ted Hughes is even celebrated as a poet at all. He was a monster.
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  • Just watched the film 'Cold War' and was inspired to write this poem. (Btw,The ending of this film sucked..just like 'My Summer of Love' and 'Ida'- all big cop-outs)

    ( there's no title)

    God and the Devil

    God and evil

    God and vil

    God and il

    God and l


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    What is done in the dark will always come to light

  • “I love you and there is no poetry more beautiful than that.“

    -Patti Smith
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light

  • Witch-Wife

    She is neither pink nor pale,
    And she never will be all mine;
    She learned her hands in a fairy-tale,
    And her mouth on a valentine.

    She has more hair than she needs;
    In the sun ‘tis a woe to me!
    And her voice is a string of coloured beads,
    Or steps leading into the sea.

    She loves me all that she can,
    And her ways to my ways resign;
    But she was not made for any man,
    And she never will be all mine.

    Edna St. Vincent Millay

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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • There has been some controversy in the UK lately over the teaching of "French lesbian poetry". Here's some by Renee Vivian (translated into English), who was a prominent during the Parisian Belle Epoche

    The Touch

    The trees have kept some lingering sun in their branches,
    Veiled like a woman, evoking another time,
    The twilight passes, weeping. My fingers climb,
    Trembling, provocative, the line of your haunches.

    My ingenious fingers wait when they have found
    The petal flesh beneath the robe they part.
    How curious, complex, the touch, this subtle art--
    As the dream of fragrance, the miracle of sound.

    I follow slowly the graceful contours of your hips,
    The curves of your shoulders, your neck, your unappeased breasts.
    In your white voluptuousness my desire rests,
    Swooning, refusing itself the kisses of your lips.

    Roses Rising

    My brunette with the golden eyes, your ivory body, your amber
    Has left bright reflections in the room
    Above the garden.

    The clear midnight sky, under my closed lids,
    Still shines....I am drunk from so many roses
    Redder than wine.

    Leaving their garden, the roses have followed me....
    I drink their brief breath, I breathe their life.
    All of them are here.

    It's a miracle....The stars have risen,
    Hastily, across the wide windows
    Where the melted gold pours.

    Now, among the roses and the stars,
    You, here in my room, loosening your robe,
    And your nakedness glistens

    Your unspeakable gaze rests on my eyes....
    Without stars and without flowers, I dream the impossible
    In the cold night.
  • For Willyce

    When i make love to you
    i try
    with each stroke of my tongue
    to say i love you
    to tease i love you
    to hammer i love you
    to melt i love you
    & your sounds drift down
    oh god!
    oh jesus!
    and i think—
    here it is, some dude’s
    getting credit for what
    a woman
    has done,

    Pat Parker
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light

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